Windows 10: Audio static, skipping frames on some internet videos

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  1.    25 Sep 2017 #1

    Audio static, skipping frames on some internet videos

    I have a relatively new PC, gtx 1060 and intel i6700 cpu. About 2 weeks ago I started noticing a bit of static/popping randomly, usually when watching youtube/netflix etc. It's a popping/static that comes out of my speakers when I'm playing a video with sound and is real annoying, like if I am listening to music on youtube.

    Also about 1 week ago, not sure if related, on online videos, mostly youtube I randomly get skipped frames on Google Chrome, or also on Firefox kind of a stuttering/frame lag. I reinstalled chrome and firefox, and updated my GPU drivers to no avail. Appreciate any help, thanks!
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  3.    27 Sep 2017 #3

    dalchina said: View Post
    I couldn't find a thread about stuttering with online videos. Also here are my audio drivers, is it normal to have this many? I'm using two monitors. Tried disabling the nvidia one but no difference.

    I can't edit my original post, so I'll add that the stutters/frame skipping DO NOT coincide with any audio crackling. When the frames skip, the audio just plays fine.
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  4.    28 Sep 2017 #4

    About 2 weeks ago
    You might like to check your update history and see if an update was applied then, including driver updates.

    And could you confirm you didn't upgrade to the Creator's build then?

    After that, basic checks would be to post a screenshot of your task manager when that's happening showing anything of interest, the relevant column organised high to low by clicking on the appropriate tab. Check that no resource is being used to maximum capacity- disk, internet, CPU, RAM. The task manager Performance tab can help.

    Then also close your browser and repeat the screenshot (= what's happening in the background).
    Are you using ethernet or Wifi? Is there any difference when you switch between them?

    It would be helpful to distinguish between downloading (internet) problems, decoding and rendering issues, the effect of possible driver updates, Windows updates, and any background activity or the effect of any other programs running at that time.

    You can have more than one audio driver - your USB device needs a separate one of course. Exactly why you have those I don't know.

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  5.    30 Sep 2017 #5

    I've been getting this horrid buzzing sound from my speakers like this PC buzzing/ Lag while playing Audio/video - YouTube, but not frequently or very long.

    Did a little experimenting, when I had a Twitch stream open in one monitor, and the other monitor I have Amazon prime streaming. If I click "next episode" on Amazon to load a new episode, the Twitch stream would stutter for like half a second, and sometimes it would emitt the buzzing sound too.

    It seems like it coincided with the spikes in wifi in the Task Manager. Yet, when I get frame skipping on youtube I have had no spikes in wifi, hard drive, cpu or anything else. I have a wdn4800 wireless adapter, other than that internet runs amazingly, can watch videos and play games with no problem. Still getting random burts of static sound, mainly from Youtube. Are there any tests I should run?

    Click image for larger version. 

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  6.    01 Oct 2017 #6

    It sounds a bit like bursts of 50 or 60Hz breakthrough - mains frequency- the ones I can pick out from that style of music, that is. Not what's known as 'static' which is more white or pink noise.

    As it's relatively new, suggest you contact the supplier.

    You can try isolating the issue- does it ever happen if you simply play music you've downloaded (no internet)?
    Does it happen if you use ethernet, not wifi?
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  7.    01 Oct 2017 #7

    Ok, it turns out I'm still getting issues if I download a video and play it with windows media player. Again, when I click Next Episode with Amazon prime the problem occurs, like 70% of the time, I just get this buzzing and it seems to lock up my mouse for a microsecond. It happens with chrome, and with firefox.

    I tried recording internal audio with Audacity, but interestingly enough on playback, the buzzing doesn't appear.

    Here is a screenshot of task manager

    Those spikes I marked with the red dot coincide with when I click "next episode"

    Also there are a few "security update for flash player" a month or two back (maybe when the problem started) is it worth to try uninstalling the updates?
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  8.    02 Oct 2017 #8

    Now, as
    I'm still getting issues if I download a video and play it with windows media player.
    - try disabling your internet altogether, then playing the same video. Any buzzzing?

    Now it would be interesting to find out what those spikes in internet activity are related to.
    Try leaving your task manager open at the Processes tab, click the Network tab, and take a screenshot when there's some buzzing.
    PrtSc would be the fastest- then open say Paint and paste the captured pic into Paint.

    I'm beginning to guess there might be some interference problem between your internet related hardware and your analogue sound.. some screening problem inside your PC.

    (I suppose there's an outside chance of mains breakthrough via your PSU, but that's going back to old days and analogue power circuits rather than switching power supplies. It would also mean it's terribly marginal on load, which seems unlikely).

    Those spikes I marked with the red dot coincide with when I click "next episode"
    - seems to confirm the relationship with internet activity and buzzing.

    Try this:
    Have something playing from your disk- just some music, say, with no buzzing. Ensure there's no internet activity.

    While that's playing, download something reasonably large.

    I'd say it's getting near to the point where you go back to your supplier with the evidence.
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  10.    25 Oct 2017 #10

    I don't think those helped. Anyway, I did some more experimenting and stuff. I tried all types of audio drivers including the one from the mobo site and the one from realtek but none of them solve this. I don't get the buzzing at all even if I'm doing a big download such as on steam. I also downloaded dpc latency checker, but it didn't show any big spikes.

    These are how I can replicate the buzzing and half second freezing of system: Click "next episode" on Amazon Prime or on Netflix always produces it, strangely not by opening youtube or twitch videos. The buzzing also happens very rarely otherwise, in something like when I just started my computer and and watching some video, maybe due to HDD still starting up? In addition to the buzzing, again, audio just has small occasional crackles that are annoying when trying to watch videos.

    About your previous post I'm not sure how to download things while disabling internet.
    Here's my full system setup btw: System Builder - Core i7-6700 3.4GHz Quad-Core, GeForce GTX 1060 3GB 3GB GAMING, Zondda-B ATX Mid Tower - PCPartPicker

    Are there any other ways I can test what software/hardware is causing this problem? May be the network adaptor? My brother will be home a little in a month, he's knowledgeable about building computers, so if it comes down to replacing hardware, I'd like to figure it out by then. I hope it's not hardware but I gotta figure it out whatever it is :/

    Thanks for your help again by the way, I really appreciate people helping me figure out this issue.
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