I have a strange issue that's suddenly developed. I purchased a pair of bluetooth Philips earphones last month and I was able to use them with my Lenovo laptop shortly after with no issues.

The only issue was that I had to keep on removing the device and repairing to connect. The 'Connect' icon in the Action Centre doesn't work. That was a minor issue; however now my earphones are unable to work with the laptop unless I switch off the Wi-Fi adapter. They either take two or three times to pair and when successful, I cannot switch the playback device from my speakers to the Bluetooth stereo earphones until I disable the Wi-Fi.

It's not the earphones themselves as they work with my tablet and phones perfectly fine. I believe it may have something to do with an unscheduled and unwanted update from Windows 10 yesterday. I thought I had turned them off but apparently not because they were almost halfway yesterday.

The other explanation is that there's some inteference from my router as I was trying to upgrade speeds by switching to 5GHz on the router page but since my laptop didn't support that, I gave up and switched back to 2.4.

What could the issue here be?