Hello all,
Annoying problem : I have multiple MFC printer/scanners in my office. Some are identical units; for instance, Brother MFC 2700s. When adding the MFCs onto the local workstations for users, the printer adds are fairly straightforward with assigning an IP printer port and the most current driver. However, I've found that it becomes necessary to use the Brother install tool in order to get the scanner functions to work properly, specifically, with Firefox. Not sure exactly why but adding the scanner in by driver alone doesn't seem to load all the proper Windows functions up correctly, especially for TWAIN drivers. Not a big deal as I can work around that.

The problem is that when using either the standard Windows add device function or the Brother software, the scanners are setup with ambiguous names so it's hard to figure out what device is where. For instance, Brother MFC-2700 LAN is pretty useless when Brother MFC-2700 LAN #2 gets appropriated. The Fax and Scan Tool Settings function doesn't let me change the device name, unlike the printer side where I can select the General tab to rename a device if necessary.

Now, I did figure out using Regedit to modify device names under
allows me to fix some of the problem through FriendlyNames.

But, when I use Firefox (caveat : with DynamicWebTWAINHTML5Edition), it picks up ANY scanner references apparently and uses those. Consequently, the source list that gets shown has both TW and WIA scanners shown and the reg hack above seems only to address WIA addresses (the FriendlyName I managed to modify does show but only as a WIA device).

Anyone know of a tool to get these multiple scanner names under control or even the TW vs. WIA references more easily configured without having to resort to Regedit so much?

I should note that the Dynamsoft tool picks up the Windows entries and uses those. It appears that I could mod those Dynamsoft config entries but I'd like to just fix the Windows entries first anyways so that when I have to look at what's going on it makes sense to begin with rather than fixing Dynamsofts configs.