Hi long time no see.

Here I come with my problem

So I decided to clean my PC, been a while and had to clean it. So I disconnected everything from motherboard cleaned everything etc. Connecting everything back in, have no sound.

1st thought i forgot one cable to connect, check motherboard everything is connected. (I have no external sound card installed or whatever it is called)

2nd thought audio cable isn't plugged in properly, all connected well.

3rd thought the drivers!! uninstalled current driver and installed in again, no change at all.

4th thought perhaps i broke one of the pins, and i was right i broke one of them, i don't know was it when i was connecting audio connector in or earlier before.

But here's the weird thing to me. Lets say i lost sound because i broke one of the pins. And if i go to Playback devices and i open a video i can still see that the bar next to "Speakers" is active when video is running. Is my PC still recognizing the sound but cant play it? or what? I'm so lost. And one more thing usually my sound icon is going to be red and sometimes its gonna show like i have volume but i don't.