Toshiba Satellite Laptop USB-Device Manager-Touchscreen Issues

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    Toshiba Satellite Laptop USB-Device Manager-Touchscreen Issues

    I have a Toshiba Satellite Radius P55W-B5224 model laptop. It originally had Win 8.1 64Bit installed, and since it was upgraded to Win 10 64Bit.

    A few days ago a backup thumb drive was inserted into one of the external USB ports to copy over some files. When plugged in, got the "USB not recognized - The last USB device you plugged into the computer Malfunctioned."

    The laptop then began to kind of go into a loop. The Toshiba "Sleep and Charge"software that operates the powered USB port to charge devices when the laptop isn't on began to cycle it notification that it is ready just above the clock on the desktop taskbar. Then I noticed a USB icon kept flashing on and off on the taskbar. I see in the Device Manager a unknown usb device (device descriptor request failed) under the USB Serial Bus Controllers. I have deleted it, but it comes back. The Device Manager constantly cycles to show this error and then to not show it.

    Here is a short video of what it is doing...

    Also, the touchscreen no longer works, and no longer appears in the Human Interface Devices, and Monitor just shows generic PnP monitor.

    I have tried to update chipset drivers. I have physically inspected the two USB ports on the laptop, and see no damage.

    I think that the laptop is in a continuous loop, thinking that a USB device is being plugged in, but nothing is.

    Any thoughts on this issue would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Hi there. Looks like Device Manager keeps refreshing attempting to read, I assume, the thumb.

    Have you rebooted without the thumb inserted? If so, does the system go back to normal?

    Which brand thumb is it?

    It may be that the thumb partition table is corrupt?

    Have you tried to open flash drive in different computer?
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    Have rebooted many times. With and without the thumb drive inserted. I can plug in a different thumb drive and it works fine. So I know their is something wrong with the drive that caused this issue. However, I risked plugging it into my wife's old Windows 7 laptop, and got the error message with the option to have windows repair it. I selected the repair files option, and the drive now works fine. It even works on the Toshiba laptop. It is a SanDisk thumb drive.
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    LOL! That's a big risk. Glad you got it fixed instead of destroying hers.

    I haven't really liked the way W8/8.1 and W10 handles USB drives. W7 was much better. W10 treats them like devices (which they are like other devices which show up in Devices and Printers) but not with the fix-it as in W7. However, there are some advantages to it. It looks like W7 did a chkdsk (check disk) on it and repaired it.

    I haven't found a way to run that in W10 while it can't read it just like in your case, but there's probably a way.
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    I performed a re-install of Win 10 with saving all files and apps. This didn't solve my problem. I am beginning to thing it is now a hardware issue.

    Any ideas on what is could be? The Touch Digitizer maybe? The touch screen does not work. Or a motherboard issue with the USB ports? Any idea how I can diagnose these?

    Thanks in advance!
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    I forgot that you had mentioned touch screen problems for no mention of that in your posts. That's not to blame you, though. I see touch doesn't work at all. Could be hardware problems and the Touch Digitizer. Really no way of internally diagnosing either with software that I know of. Either they work or they don't.

    I assume this lappy came with 8.1 after viewing this? Satellite P55W-B5224 Support | Toshiba

    Has it ever shut down due to overheating?

    Could be a physical hinging problem due to wires or contacts.

    Are all drivers up to date?

    You may want to consider taking in into a shop for refurbishing.
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    Doesn't overheat. Was originally Win 8.1. Found a program that showed the USB ports and what they represented. And it seems that the port #4 is tied into the Touch Screen. I all USB controllers and rebooted the system and problem returns. Have tried different compatible drivers. The Touch Screen/Digitizer is my guess that the problem is. That or the motherboard. Starting to figure the costs, might be better off with a new laptop. Or just do without the touch screen, as it works fine without it.
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    That's a shame for that's a nice laptop. I'm having trouble with my 6" Lumia phablet in that it's been reported that the screen warps due to it's size. It does get to the point where we have to decide to either get it fixed or put the money towards new. I think I'm going new for it has reached it's OS build limit.

    Good luck to you.
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    Thanks HippsieGypsie.
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    Before bringing the lappy to a shop,
    First thing I would do is look on the Toshiba support forum to see if anyone else
    has any of the same problems .
    If there is nothing posted like the any of the problems you have or close to it, simply register and post about the
    problems you are having.
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