Hi There

External hard drive issues, Tests fine with Western Digital Lifeguard program, sometimes connect it and it can't write files or delete any, yes the drive is older, mostly used to store second copy of music files/pictures and kept under neath upstairs Computer Desktop most of the time, brought it down tonight to update the files on it, and discovered this problem

Eventually getting a replacement soon as I can

Could Avast 17.6 be interfering at all? use Avast on every house hold PC, and Phone as well, don't think it would, but I guess anything is possible, Should've just stayed with Defender on my last clean install with this system, oh well i'll fix that when Fall Creators update comes out lol

Second drive also stores all the ISO files over the years, Dban for other PC memtest iso, windows 7 iso for other PC, Windows 10 ISO, etc.