Windows 10: Old PC Stuck on 'Hello There, lets get a few..'. Doesnt detect input

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    Old PC Stuck on 'Hello There, lets get a few..'. Doesnt detect input

    Hi, I recently bought a new PC and deciding I would give away my old PC which is why I wiped it. After being wiped and then turned on the PC was stuck on Reset This PC (basically confirm it) as no input such as the mouse or keyboard would work. (they would power on, but for example no keys could be pressed, numlock cannot be turned on)
    The PC has no ps/2 connectors nor does the mobo. I have wiped the cmos and restarted it, there was a couple of beeps, I turned it back on and then it said it was reinstalling windows. Now I'm stuck on the hello there windows page which asks for me to confirm county keyboard layout ect. What are my options? Mouse and keyboard are receiving power.
    Does this mean it is maybe a driver issue? I did use a boot able windows when reformatting the PC. Pretty stumped.

    Someone suggested to use a HP Mouse/keyboard and the keyboard I am infact using with it is HP. I have tested that they work on a different PC and they do.

    I have created a DVD Iso of Linux and another one of Windows 10 but the PC does not boot from cd drive and i have no way of going into the BIOS.
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    Hi connormcwood. Welcome to the TenForums @connormcwood

    I would head to Microsoft Media Creation tool and create yourself a USB key. Down load the media creation tool and install it. Start it and follow directions. (do not select update this PC.) Likely need 8GB key.

    If this an HP device, plug in the USB key you created with the media creation tool, press power on and then press F9 (repeatedly two or three times).

    Should get a menu, select USB key. Once the install starts I would delete all partitions on HDD and let Windows create / assign what it needs.

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    The post literally says that any input is not recognised although the keyboard does have power. No input is recognised
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    Yes saw that but sometimes BIOS will still recognize before Windows grabs control. If this is desktop remove CMOS battery, re-install. See if you can get into BIOS.

    Hopefully you can and you can set boot order.

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    Another thing to try is to force a shutdown while it's running. From that 'Hello there' screen, lean on the power button for several seconds (maybe 10 seconds or more).

    If the machine appears to start shutting down, don't let go of that button, and keep pressing until you (usually) get an indignant noise from the pc as it clicks off.

    The point being that Windows 10 defaults to 'Fast Startup' which doesn't really shut down, and instead is a form of hibernation. But this isn't good for recognising keyboard changes etc.
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    Hi, yeah I've already tried reseting the cmos, it forced a reinstallation of windows but came to the same stage. Sometimes the keyboard does power off after being turned on, seems pretty weird don't really know my options
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    How did you clear the CMOS, by removing the battery or shorting the jumper? Maybe remove the battery and let it sit for a few minutes to make absolutely sure it's cleared.

    Then remove the HDD, disconnect all the USB devices except for the keyboard, cut the power and then reconnect, turn on the PC and as soon as the display comes on start hammering the bios entry button (usually DEL) as much as you can. Also try different USB ports. Do you have a spare keyboard? If so, try that.

    If even that doesn't work, then I'm out of ideas.

    What mainboard is it? Make, model? Do you know the chipset model?
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    Forgot to mention; if you do get into bios by any chance, do make sure to enable "USB keyboard support".
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    Hi I removed it by taking the battery out, turning it on, the PC beeped with the hibernate icon flashing several times. It wouldn't come on, then I put the battery back in and started it up and it restarted and windows 10 install but that did not resolve anything.

    The specs are here, found an old imgur. Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet

    Wanting to give it to a friend as I have no use for it, pc was working perfectly before I wiped it.

    It doesn't seem to load up info screen it would normally hit when being turned on. It goes loads, black screen with preparing at the bottom - then says welcome and loads the windows basic settings page as mentioned before.

    If the keyboard is plugged in at start up the keyboard num lock light turns off when it hits the windows hello there page. Which Is the page I am stuck on.

    Seems like I'm screwed right? Rather it be my old PC anyway haha
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