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Well, actually it took some time and the reason for it was because I kept getting an I/O error. So I just got sick and tire of it and called WD. A few thing happened. First he told me to us the CLEAN and needless to say we got the I/O error. After that we got into Disk management and it said we had to Initialize the drive which we did and the it wanted to format the drive which you have either MBR or something else, I can't remember what it was but the WD guy said to use the second option which I did but it didn't work. So we deleted the partition, initialized again and tried it again and it still didn't work. So I said lets try rebooting the computer and see what happens. So I rebooted and tried CLEAN and it worked, in fact it worked so fast I hadn't even gotten my finger off the enter key. More than likely it had already cleaned the drive but just got stuck some where. So the disk is fine now. So I'm guessing that if you run into the I/O error after using CLEAN just reboot your computer and use it again and it should work? Who knows, at least it worked here.
Cool! Glad you got 'er done. Another day > another thing learned. Now if I can only retain it. Good luck to you.