I own a Razer Blade (Early 2016, i7-6th gen, GTX 970M), and I have a very peculiar issue. For whatever reason, my webcam will not work. It takes the Generic USB Webcam drivers that Windows uses, but any time you use it, it only shows a black screen, or attempts to load. I sent it out to get it repaired, and after having it sent back and wiped, it still didn't work. I wiped it myself, and it worked just fine. After reinstalling my backup image of my OS, the issue returned. Currently, I can't reset it again (my image apparently has a corrupted recovery partition...) and am trying to figure out what could be causing the webcam issues. Are there any tools to diagnose software/operating system related issues with webcams? Would it just be easier to grab a Windows 10 ISO and reflash it again and reinstall? Thanks in advance. 🙂