Creators Foreground.wav-Critical-Stop beeps every few sec. Event 10. Solved

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    Creators Foreground.wav-Critical-Stop beeps every few sec. Event 10.

    Sorry for the paste, but not much help at and hated retyping. I think the paste lays out clearly what I know so far. Hope the experts hear can help me figure this out.

    Thanks in advance.

    11 viewsRecently Win 10 Foreground.wav sound repeats every 6 seconds. Event 10 maybe?
    I asked on June 16, 2017

    Latest Windows 10 version 1703 with latest updates from 6/13.
    I use headphones for sound very infrequently on workstation for a/v media. Just today put the headphones on to play a video and noticed a continual repeated beeping. Turning Sound Scheme to NONE stops the sound. Testing sounds associated with some different events, including Critical Battery Alarm, shows Windows Foreground.wav was the specific sound. Cannot figure cause or how to make it stop.
    Went into event viewer and every about 6 seconds show 2x 10 events and one 20 and 21 events.
    Shows Error Code 5 for a Microsoft.MicrosoftOfficeHub_8wekyb3d8bbwe.
    Don't have Office of any form, but do have LibreOffice.
    Any help appreciated.

    I replied on June 16, 2017

    tried edit. no go.
    Nothing yellow in Device Manager.
    Realtek HD Audio driver.
    Used "Speakers" in both Windows and Realtek dialog boxes. Sound beeps keep showing in Sound dbox even when headphones not plugged in.
    nVidia 980 with drivers.

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    Someone Else > Hi,
    It is possible that there are some driver incompatibilities with your audio device and the latest update on Windows 10. Have you tried updating your driver? If not, kindly update your driver. To do so, kindly follow the steps indicated on this link.
    Let us know how things goes.
    I replied on June 17, 2017

    First I powered up PC then went to Device Manager and noticed a yellow on one of my USB controllers. I disabled then re-enabled the driver. Yellow now gone. Rebooted and yellow still gone from Device Manager. Foreground.wav beeps still there.
    I wasn't sure to try this, but went to my Gigabyte MW50-SV0 MB driver website and there was a 2016 RealTek Win 10 audio driver update that removed the old and installed the new driver. Problem NOT solved.
    I went to Sounds tab and started changing sounds one event at a time. It is DEFINITELY the "Critical Stop" event mentioned in my first post. Thankfully it's a different wav file for "Critical Battery Alarm".
    Thanks again for your help and hopefully you and others will help me solve this.
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    You may be able to find what's causing this to be generated using Sysinternals ProcMon (from MS)

    windows - Critical Error sound playing at seemingly random intervals for seemingly no reason - Super User

    You can also try a basic process of elimination.
    Does it occur if you do a clean boot, for example?

    Try noting the precise time it occurs, then see if you can correlate that with your event log.

    To get a time continuous list, use
    Fulleventlogview (free) by Nirsoft
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    Thanks for hanging with me. Been super busy.

    Using Bose QuietComfort headphones that have a headphone mic on cord. use iOS.

    Note - After boot got About microphone device msg turning it off. Sound went away, but event number 10 keeps happening every 6-7 seconds upon boot.

    1. just now tried same Bose Quite Comfort's on soft acoustic iTunes m4a on Air 2 iPad with no beeps.

    2. No other audio device to attach to workstation, but as mentioned even with no audio device plugged in still beeps and event 10 keeps happening.

    3. Safe boot says "Audio Enhancements not loaded" . no more Event 10's or beeps.

    No idea HOW to use PROCMON.exe to pinpoint/fiter Windows Foreground.wav!!

    Can use it to find that Microsoft.MicrosoftOfficeHub.......... some show BUFFER OVERFLOW. seems to be from svchost.exe.

    Please tell me what I should filter properties I need.

    Malwarebytes shows no virus. neither does Norton quick scan.

    More info. Uninstalled RealTek drivers to no effect. HD Audio device Headphone. Recording devices disabled. still get beeps.

    PocessID is 15896 but when I include PID is 15896 in filer nothing shows. As said search for OfficeHub shows successes with some buffer overflows.

    Stopping AudioSrv & AudioEndpointBuilder services stopped sound and ANY SOUND.
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    New thoughts.

    Logitech K400r wireless USB keyboard/mouse driver. Left SHIFT key seemed to die. Replaced with new unit and usb controller plug. K400r works fine now.

    Mad Catz RAT 9 USB wired mouse stopped working. Downloaded and updated latest driver. Now works.

    Microsoft OneDrive 17.3.6917.067 updated on 6-13. seems working.

    Apple Mobile Device Support on 6-16

    Apple Application Support 64-bit 32-bit 5.5 on 6-16.

    Apple iTunes on 16th

    Feature Update to Windows 10 version 1703 on 6-9.

    KB4022405 + KB4022725 on 6-13.

    A TON of programs seem to be installed on 6-9 also.

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    SOLVED! For now?

    I've put over 10 hours on this problem and finally came up with my own solution. It seemed as a Microsoft Office package kept failing to get called correctly, then loaded then failing again repeatedly. I did NOT have Office or Office 365 installed and I'm always in the Desktop and only install Desktop software. So I uninstalled the Get Office App and problem solved. For now.

    Thanks for everybody's suggestions that helped lead me to my solution.
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    Glad you solved it.
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