Keyboard x4 was working fine, after some update that W10 tried to install and failed the mouse and keyboard went berserk!
The mouse seems to work fine after reinstalling it's driver and software, but the keyboard from M$, well it just refuses to work itself out. Mouse is some logitech old one.
I searched and found a similar problem here ...tried to post with link but could not, everything after that became the link itself (problems...weird down there).
The software I'm trying to install is the latest version, but no other version changes the result.
It all went weird by itself after on update, rolling back is out of question, did not solve the problem.
I don't know what it is, I only want to fix fast as I can, need this to work.
Thanks a lot M$ for your fine work in all these years...when will I finally grow up and move to Linux distro? Hopefully not too late
Thank you!