So I bought an ASUS VT207 touch screen monitor yesterday. Set it up and it worked fine for a couple hours but then it started right clicking with every other click. I've been trying to debug the issue and reading on a lot of other peoples problems and I think I've found the root cause.

The touch screen isn't right clicking, but actually holding down the left click every time I tap on the screen. When you press-and-hold on a touch screen it will open the right click menu. Only way for me to actually left click something is to tap the screen multiple times very quickly. I've tested this on some text and the touch screen will attempt to high light text on simple taps. When on youtube and I click on a video it will make the thumbnail high light like the mouse is hovering over it but it wont actually click on it.

I've been messing with the Tablet PC Settings but not even shutting off all the Pen and Touch settings (Double-tap and Press-and-hold) fixes the issue. Does anyone else have any ideas. Disabling and re-enabling the driver in device manager doesn't fix it. Only solution I've found is restarting my computer every 15-60 minutes.