Troublesome drivers causeing latency issues Solved

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    Thanks for your suggestions....still nothing updating drivers of any sort seems to have done nothing.

    Still looking for solutions.....someone must know something?

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    Is there any other threads that are talking about the same issue or solved? I would hope it involves the AMD Ryzen.

    (Edit) I forgot that if I put the ram in slot one, I get a 0E led error. It works fine in slot 2, I have not tried to put in slot 3 and 4. I did memtest on it a while back, it passed, no errors 5 hours.
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    Update: I have noticed that only ram slots 2 and four work, 1 and 3 get stuck on 0e. Is it possible that my mobo could be causing my frustrations with win10?
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    Im running an Intel Chip so i dont think the CPU or RAM is the issue. Seems to be something with windows 10 and ndis.sys & tcpip.sys. Loads of forums all over the place with threads like this, cant see any answers.

    Got to be a driver issue somehow i think, but i dont have the knowledge to find or fix the issue....
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    From what I researched, sometimes threads go dead and make me wonder if they found a solution and never followed through. I find it suspicious that ram slots 1 and 3 won't get past post (Only have one 16 gig stick). I have done a clean install the 2nd time on my m.2 drive and seeing simulair results. (I planned on having mint and win10 side by side, installed mint and it came with no issues, the smoothest installation I've ever had, win10 was being a little bitch until I formatted the m.2.)

    I am currently installing new drivers using msi's live update (I am desperate right now) I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't improve the situation. pretty much all drivers with the exception to live update, the bios, win10, and program versions are all up to date. I don't have this problem with mint, it all works like it should. It just seems that microsoft made no effort to remedy this. It's been a problem since win10 first came out and what has happened since then?
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    I just got windows 10 on a ssd I have laying around. It seems to work better than the m.2. I was able to get a round of dead by daylight, I had to bring down the graphics a bit though that I have a GTX 1080. I am still seeing shuddering issues, though this way is more usable. I have not attempted to use CAD and maya software yet.

    I have a question that might be a stretch. If I were to buy a new computer (laptop in mind) assuming the os is installed on a m.2 and it is working properly unlike mine at the moment, could it be possible that if I cloned that m.2 to the desktop m.2 and do a quick drive sweep and update accordingly, could it resolve this stupid latency issue? I know it sounds crazy, dumb, and extreme. I really want to get my desktop to work again so I don't have to work from my 5 year old laptop (that has been reliable all of these years.
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    If it doesn't find any drivers, it won't show anything. It is, however, scanning for them. I use it on 8 machines myself and it works very well on all of them.
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    I downloaded a chipset driver for the ryzen, it "seems" to improve the wdf01000.sys issue.

    I am currently running software called hot cpu tester and letting go through it's diagnostic cycle and see the result in 4 hours.

    I have 3 questions.

    1. Is my mobo bad, I ask this because I mentioned this in a eariler post, ram ports 1 and 3 don't work while 2 and 4 work fine.
    2. Is it possible that adding more voltage could help with the issue? HWMonitor.txt
    3. Should I download the iso for win10 again and go through the process all over?
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    Made some progress!

    I installed this driver Chipset. It did make a difference. Games are now playable! I was able to play portal 2, DOOM, and Dead by Daylight. but whenever a sequence or scripts load, it shudders, but it resumes.

    I still have two drivers that are causing problems that later according to latmon, would cause other drivers to lag. Those two are ndis.sys and ntoskrnl.exe. I will have to continue to find solution.
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    I feel like I have tried everything from updating drivers, making some tweaks, to any other suggestions made by you guys and other guys from other forums. I made some progress, I still have issues that do make it hard to operate. I have noticed that ram slots 1 and 3 don't get past post and the first pci-e slot doesn't get past post as well. I have suspected my board for a while, but I want to at least try. So I have decided to RMA my board, I'll attempt to ship it out by monday with newegg (never tried through them). So anyways, thanks for the help so far, I'll update this thread with the results and other follow through. So... yea, it had been fun.
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