I'm having just about the strangest USB issue I've ever encountered. And its driving me up the wall.

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In the above picture I've plugged in a normal usb drive on my desktop and it shows up perfectly fine under my PC, under the device manager and in disk management. Works every time, no matter which port I use, even connecting it through my monitor.

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In this picture I have plugged in a Colorfly C3 media player via mini usb to USB. It's basically a drive that you drag and drop music too. No fancy software or configuration. You'll notice it shows up under disk drives in the device manager. But its not an option I can access through my PC and it doesn't show up as an assigned drive in disk management.

Two weeks ago, this wasn't an issue. I've done a clean ssd wipe and fresh install of Windows 10 to see if it fixes itself, but the problem persisted. However this same media player with the same cable, shows up fine on two other laptops (also on Windows 10).

Final strange behaviour. If I plug in the C3 player first, then try to plug in any other usb device, in any port - none of them show up. I have to wait around 4 minutes for the C3 player to go from displaying 'USB Connected' to just 'Charging' and then all the devices show up in concert. Again, this only happens on my desktop.

Any takers?