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Might be of interest to those travelling and staying in hotels where you either have a single Ethernet (LAN) connection or 1 login per room and you have a few devices you want to use. Also works if you have say a business meeting in your room and people need computers for your presentation etc etc.

I found the quite cheap D-Link AC750 portable router really handy for this.

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PDF file : description and how to use


You connect this device either by LAN or Wifi to the network (the setup guide explains how to connect it using your computer initially to the wifi hotspot) and then you create your own private wifi link where you can connect client devices (phone, tablet, Fire TV box/dongle etc) etc etc). With LAN you simply connect directly to the ethernet port in the hotel and set up via the PC. Note the LAN port on the device is a WAN connector so you can't set it up as a wifi device and use the port as an ethernet / Lan connector.

I found this device particularly useful as I wanted to use my Amazon Fire TV box in the Hotel bedroom on the TV via the HDMI cable. I could also stream movies etc via KODI f(installed on the fire TV box) from my computer without having to connect the computer to the TV. Also for demoing work stuff to other workers staying in the hotel when we all needed our computers and I only had 1 ethernet connection !!!.


To use the Fire TV box you need an Internet connection if you are streaming your own stuff from computer or want to watch amazon prime etc.

The D-link portable router works on both 2.4 GHZ and 5 GHZ -- while not the fastest I was getting more than enough speed to stream videos to the TV etc.

If you DO set up your own private network though ensure you password protect it - especially say in a large hotel like a Marriott -- a load of regular travellers are usually much more "Internet Savvy" than the average joe !!!!.

Excellent device -- thoroughly recommended if you travel a lot and and run up against device limitation on wifi hotspot connection etc.

(Of course if the public wifi connection is slow - then your device will be slow too --my experience is that in a lot of better hotels these days the rooms are usually connected to Fibre / LAN internet - and this device is also useful if you don't have an ethernet port on your PC / device (Ipad users particularly !!!!) or a USB==>LAN adapter).