Hi, right after doing the CU update, i paired again my bluetooth keyboard and now I have some issues with it,

When i'm away for like 10 minute my keyboard is going to "sleep mode" to use less battery as possible so it's not connected to bluetooth anymore but when I push any (for exemple "K" letter) button it goes on again and connect to the bluetooth of the computer and type the button i pushed.. So it's acting normal but since the CU update when i push a button after my keyboard going to sleep mode the computer freeze like completly for like 1-2 seconde and then it type the button/letter i pushed

In anniversary update I didn't had this issue, it acted normally .. I mean no freeze just needed a few second to the keyboard to goes out of sleep then giving the signal of the button i pushed so basically 1 sec of delay and then act like a normal keyboard with no delay, but like I said after the CU update these 1 second of delay now is 1-2 second of freezing the computer..

I didn't change anything since the update, nor the Bluetooth dongle, nor installed a new driver, nor even changed the USB that the dongle is connected too (even if i tried different usb after i found the freezing issue is coming from the bluetooth) ...

Anyone having the same experience/issue ? Or somebody could help on this ?
The dongle is "Trust Bluetooth 4.0 Dongle" i bought 1 year ago at MediaMarkt in belgium