Windows 10: Are these motherboard temps normal?

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  1.    01 Apr 2017 #1

    Are these motherboard temps normal?

    It's an old MSI MS-7525 Boston board and while running a pretty old game (the classic CS 1.6), Steam, YouTube playing some music in the background and Speccy because I monitor my temps, the motherboard reached 60 C, the number in Speccy even became red (It could've been even higher). The temps on the other components stayed relatively normal, I believe. CPU was around 48-49 and the video card around 44-45. Those are normal, right? I just closed the game and the board temp dropped to 49 C, sometimes reaching 52-53, with the other things still running.

    Also, the only fans in the case are the heatsink's and one that's not even close to the motherboard, which I think is blowing air out. And it's a Slimline HP PC. I don't know the ambient temp in the room, but it's probably around 20 C.

    Could reaching high, not normal board temps short it's life significantly?
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    Below 50C is what you want to be at. Below 50C is considered ideal, between 50C and 59C is high but not dangerous, 60C or above is starting to get a little too hot for comfort. I would look into what is causing the high heat. Do you know when the last time the PC was cleared of dust is? Fans and inlets caked and clogged with dust will cause high temps like this. Failing fans will as well.
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    I don't believe dust is a problem. I cleaned it like a month ago with a can of compressed air and even before that it didn't have a lot. I don't know about the fans, they seem completely normal.
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    That's quite high temp.

    Check the heatsink on motherboard IC [marked on picture] if they are lose or broken, try cleaning and reinstalling them with new thermal paste. If temp is still high, that IC is damaged.
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  5.    02 Apr 2017 #5

    Here's what HWMonitor says while I was only browsing:

    What are those TMPIN0, TMPIN01 and TMPIN02?

    Click image for larger version. 

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  6.    02 Apr 2017 #6

    Sensors locations on the motherboard.
    SYS = TMPIN0 = Motherboard
    CPU = TMPIN1 = CPU
    MCH = TMPIN2 = Northbridge

    Did you check those heatsinks? Looking at temps won't do you any good, and using the PC in overheating status will damage it permanently.
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    60c is getting up there
    You could probably add a newer cpu cooler this one might fit at just over 2.5" or exactly 66mm tall with a single fan you'd have to add the second fan to the outside of the case which is the leases you should be doing anyway to pull more cooler outside air in.
    Noctua NH-L12 120mm 92mm SSO Bearing PWM Fans CPU Cooler -

    Otherwise you're just pushing a dual core processor in a compact case too far :)
    Which if you're bold you can transplant everything into a larger case it's actually pretty easy
    Modifing old desktop machine in new case Solved - Windows 7 Help Forums
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    I would not worry those temperatures look quite normal, chipsets with passive heatsinks do run quite hot.
    60°C is OK. I would only be worried if it was at 80°C or more.

    If it was damaged you would have a dead MOBO.
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    Well, now I'm kind of confused, Helmut is saying that the temps are normal because of the passive heatsinks and black is saying they're quite high. I guess I should just remove the heatsinks (like black said) and change the thermal paste but since I don't have a lot of experience I'm also scared of ESD or something that could seamlessly damage the board.
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    Older hardware tended to run a bit hotter than modern hardware as they were a lot less efficient. On top of that its a pre built mass produced computer builders tended to cheap-out on various components.
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