I wasn't sure which forum section to post this. So I posted here.

I use Cakewalk Sonar (Platinum version) recording studio program (DAW). The latest update (2017.03) includes support for the Windows 10 UWP MIDI Implementation (see below from Cakewalk). However, changing from the default "MME" to "UWP" disables USB connected MIDI "control surfaces" such as the Behringer X-Touch and Frontier Tranzport. There are reports of other devices being disabled the same way. I see no way to enable these devices??? I know this may be an application issue or even a device driver issue but thought I'd run by the Win 10 guru's.

Here is the statement from Cakewalk on this item in the upgrade"

Microsoft have introduced a new API standard for using MIDI on Windows as part of the Universal Windows Platform architecture. With this comes many new advantages including Bluetooth MIDI support and Multi-Client access to MIDI ports. UWP MIDI provides a modern way to communicate with MIDI devices and can be extended to support newer MIDI protocols/interfaces. To enable this in SONAR go to, Preferences | MIDI | Playback and Recording and set the MIDI driver mode to UWP