TairikuOkami said:
That applies to differences between various motherboards, mostly dual GPU related (AMD+Intel, etc).
Chipset drivers should be the same, it is not like peripherals can vary, it supports the same on all.
If you check the digital signature, you can see, who made them, most likely Asus only reposted them.
This particular driver contains Asus setup, but it only launches Intel setup, so there is nothing custom.
My chipset drivers also have an Asus setup.exe.

So I ran the setup.exe (forgot to make system restore ) and it said the drivers installed successfully but appears that it hasn't actually updated anything. According to Device Manager the chipset drivers are still at the versions they were before. Also the setup.exe showed the date as being 2015-06-03, so I don't know what this is all about.

Setup.exe pic below.

There is a new Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver available also but it appears to be for 6th/7th gen Intel chipsets only. Can anyone confirm that? Download IntelĀ® Rapid Storage Technology (IntelĀ® RST) RAID Driver