I had an interesting occurrence today, which has popped up elsewhere. It seems that Windows 10 MPT drivers for some portable devices can be a little cantankerous. Basically what happens is when you connect your Android it doesn't start and won't communicate with the PC. In my case it affected both my Sony Xperia devices, being a Z2 Tablet and a Z5 Premium phone. At first I had absolutely no connection at all and the devices didn't even wake up or go into charging mode when connected to the USB ports.

In a chat with Sony Xperia support I was instructed to enter Developer Mode on the portable device and then turn on USB debugging. This allowed the devices to actually register on the PC but they were not visible in File Explorer and Device Manager showed MPT device as present but not started. I can't remember the exact message in properties but it mentioned Registry errors and ended with (Code 19).

To rectify the problem I had to select Update the driver, Manually search my computer, choose device from list, select the only Sony device that showed up and then let it do it's thing.

Sorry the description is a bit sketchy but it was a real pain and no doubt some people will encounter this problem soon.