I'm certain I'm not the only person with this problem.
Bluetooth is installed on my Samsung laptop running the latest version of Windows 10. Here's the problem: every so often a routine Windows update totally disables Bluetooth, or rather, prevents it from being discovered. It's there, but isn't recognised in Settings. It's hidden in Device Manager. So it's gone, dead, unusable, can't be made to connect or even to be visible.
Then another Microsoft update comes along after a few days or a week or a month, and suddenly all is well again! As if by magic, Bluetooth reappears in the systems tray and works like a charm, as if it had never gone away.
This is happening constantly. It's flip-flopped like this about five or six times. Windows update, no Bluetooth. Next Windows update, Bluetooth is back. Another Windows update, Bluetooth is gone again.
This is ridiculous. Windows needs to solve this anomaly. Look online and you will see that many people are experiencing it. Oh, and by the way I've followed every fix, every tutorials, nothing works. The only thing that works is to wait for the next blinkin' Windows update to fix it.
And, since opening my computer this morning after the most recent update, to find Bluetooth has once again vanished, that's what I guess I have to do -- wait for the next update and hope it includes a fix. (Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't.)
This is NOT a problem with my laptop or with the driver or anything like that. This is a Windows update problem. And if anyone on this forum recognises this and has a genuine solution, I'm desperate enough to try it.