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Unless you NEED more HDD ports it really is NOT worth buying any consumer grade RAID controller card - these days they are far slower than by doing it with software - Windows Storage spaces is extremely good (and you can use different size HDD's for striping / mirroring etc) and in Linux the well know mdadm program built into kernels works incredibly well too.

For fairly average HDD's - I have 4 HDD's in a 2 Array configuration using RAID 0 (wanted speed as I have enough backup so losing data wasn't an issue)

With the Hideous hardware card average transfer speed was around 120 Mib/s to move a 64 GB directory between the two arrays. I disabled the card and set the Bios to use AHCI / SATA rather than the RAID controller and set up RAID via software.

Moving a directory is a good test as both READ and WRITES are being tested. READS are usually a lot quicker than writes in RAID 0 configurations so a good test as read from source / write to target and delete from source at end of transfer.

With software I was getting average speeds of around 370 Mib/s -- a good 300% better !!!! Quite a bit of the time the transfer was over 410 Mib/s

Directory / Folder size was 64GB with a few 4GB MKV video files in it and quite a few smaller ones too - a mix of video / text / programs etc.

If you are going to buy a RAID controller make sure it's a good one - and they are expensive -- the consumer grade ones are really just JUNK !!!!!

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