No Hardrive Dell Inspiron 5785

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    No Hardrive Dell Inspiron 5785

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    My laptop ie 2 years old. bought with windows 8.1 and updated to 10 when it first came out . My hard drive has disappeared , can anyone advice me please ..?
    every night i put it off and morning Ive no battery left . Battery good so isnt shutting down. So when i put on in morning with plug out i get a hard drive error .. No hardrive . Please help me
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    ran a hardware test and it passed .... with dell
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    Does the laptop exhibit this behavior if you leave in plugged in to the charger?

    Also please clarify "my hard drive has disappeared". You ran a test on it so it must have come back.
    So does that mean that it disappears temporarily, just when you first start up in the morning?

    Also: When you turn it off in the evening, are you using the "Shut Down" command from the Start Menu, or are you using Sleep, Hibernate, or just closing the lid?
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    Thankyou for getting back to me..
    If the plug is in it loads ok still with the red line on the hard drive though...
    When i shut down at night it never seems to shut down properly hence morning time no power left in laptop..Tried the shutdown holding the shift button still doesnt shut down properly. ( read somewhere )
    If it shut down properly maybe i wouldnt get the lots of errors i do when i power it on with no plug.. No power in it lots errors
    maybe i said it wrong hard drive disappeared. Its only when i put on laptop morning with no plug i get all the errors..
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    The most apparant issue Im seeing here is that you drive is very nearly full. Thats why the red line is there. That is to let you know that you are running out of space on your drive. That can cause performance issues and errors to show up. What do you have taking up all that space? Music, movies, games, etc?

    I would suggest deleting some stuff you dont need, uninstalling programs/games you dont use and/or moving some of that data over to a USB hard drive to open it back up.
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    That is good advice above.
    Try and move or remove 50 or 100GB of stuff off the drive to backup. This should make the red "getting full" bar for drive C: in Devices And Drives green again. It may also give enough room for Windows to close down properly.

    Is that red bar the problem you have? Or is there another problem with using the drive?
    If the C: drive was not working your laptop would not start up into Windows.
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    If its not actually finding the drive but then finds it on reboot this is a known problem with dell. The pc on boot checks for hds then starts but the disk isnt up to speed so it doesnt find it when you reboot its been spining warm and upto speed so it finds it ok. A lot of dells have a bios option to wait x seconds on boot so the drive can spin up and register. Another solution is if its there enter the drive spec instead of having it set to auto it can also be first signs of drive failing
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    [QUOTE=ArazelEternal;954368]The most apparant issue Im seeing here is that you drive is very nearly full. Thats why the red line is there. That is to let you know that you are running out of space on your drive. That can cause performance issues and errors to show up. What do you have taking up all that space? Music, movies, games, etc?
    Thats the strange thing . Ive no music ,well maybe a couple albums, no movies, dont play games , only pictures and programs . I run a Animal Rescue so only pictures and programs . I will go through everything and delete what I can and see if that will make a diff.
    Got up this morning . no power in battery had drained during night . so plug in and starts . Will come back once gone through stuff and take each step at a time , will then send a shot of how it looks . thank guys for your support...
    I really dont think its my pictures or programs but will give this a go. The laptop should not be draining during the night as when i go off its full...
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    I know this is a contradiction, but this free program here:
    TreeSize Free - Quickly Scan Directory Sizes and Find Space Hogs
    will allow you to see, graphically, exactly what it is taking up space on your hard drive.

    You can ask here what the things are that create the largest blocks of space and we can tell you what they are, whether you should delete them or not, or what you can do to reclaim space. Please don't delete anything unless you know what it is and what it does.

    Very often the prime suspect is a hibernation file, or an unusually large amount of restore points.
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    A failing battery can do some strange things to a laptop. And batteries near end of life can drain off on their own.

    I'd like you to try a test tonight. If possible, remove the battery completely, plug in the charger, and just run the laptop off the charger (no battery). Turn it off at the end of the day like usual but leave it plugged in.
    See if it starts and operates normally in the morning like that.
    Starts normally, no problems = bad battery causing problems.
    Starts with same problem = battery fine, it is something else.
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