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A floppy drive? Why would anyone do that? For the simple reason that I work on many older computers so I have a need for a good old 1.44M floppy drive.

To start with, whenever I'd plug in or remove a USB drive, Windows would also check the floppy drive. Today I formatted a couple of floppy disks.

Now the bleeping thing will not stop trying to access the floppy drive every 30 seconds or so.

Short of disabling the floppy in BIOS, then enabling it only when I need to use the drive - how do I make Windows 10 ignore the drive except when I want it to, when *I* click on the drive in Explorer? It's like a kid with a new toy that it refuses to stop playing with.
You could disable it in the Device manager rather than the BIOS. That makes it easier to enable when needed.