Hey there, I have a laptop that I have been restoring and for some reason with Windows 10 I can't tap anything. The touchscreen is functioning but it doesn't "mouse click". If I drag something like a window it will snap back to it's original location, if I hold for a right click the square graphic will stay and not go through with the right click. The touch screen appears to function correctly if I use it under Win7 or 8.1. The touch screen is one of them finicky N-Trig "DuoSense" Digitizers. It shows up as a Pen and Single Touch screen. In chrome, Minecraft, ect, it works fine. If I tap something the circle ripple will show and the thing I tapped will show that it was hovered over. For instance the exit window button will show red for a short time.

Any information you need, let me know.

(I set my system info to the device in question)