There is only one down load on the Epson Website for the Printer Driver. Epson Q & A indicates that for Windows 7,8, XP & 2000 (nothing said for W10), but it recognises W10 and 64 bit of my son's new laptop.
To quote "Windows has used a foreign language printer information file more commonly if you complete the Windows "Found new hardware Wizard" during the installation of the Epson Printer driver. You can resolve the issue with a full Uninstall of the Printer Driver.
Note - Using Control Panel alone will not remove foreign language files.
I have downloaded the same printer driver for my PC. The printer preferences are normal English There may be other problems, but I don't use my son's S20 printer.
My questions are, 1 what else do I have to do other that use Cortana get to Uninstall/install window and remove the Epson Files to completely remove this foreign language file - after doing whatever is also suggested.
The what do I do wrong by going on to the Epson website and get to the download Printer driver file and presumably unzip it somehow if it is zipped.