Windows 10: keep louseing audio in windows 10 on toshiba l755d-s5130 laptop

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    keep louseing audio in windows 10 on toshiba l755d-s5130 laptop

    yes i keep louseing audio in windows 10 with my toshiba l755d-15130 laptop and what is funny is audio hasn't worked on this laptop sense windows 8 it never worked in windows 8.1 eaither and i have tryed everything googled everything still can't find a fix for it and toshiba is no help and neither is misrosoft and i'm getting very very furstraed i'm about to take a hammer to this thing is someone don't help me fix the audio issues i think the audio manufacture is context even though the hd audio driver is amd please someone help me fix this
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    Welcome to the TenForums @kcak47mopr

    I went to Toshiba to find your device, which is my normal starting point, and couldn't find. I'm hoping there is another number on the label affixed to bottom, something like l755 (PSK1WC-6Q01S).

    So you said you had this laptop since Win 8 and sound worked. Do you have the original drivers? Maybe on a supplied disc or System Recovery software that you created?

    My goal is to find the original driver, test it, and if it works tell windows to stop updating it.

    Others may have better solution.

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    There were sound driver issues for many when Win 8.1 came out. Many Win 8 drivers did not work on Win 8.1 and new drivers had to be issued or downloaded. Win 10 is compatible with Win 8.1 drivers, but not most Win 8 or Win 7.
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    kcak47mopr said: View Post
    yes i keep louseing audio in windows 10 with my toshiba l755d-15130 ...i think the audio manufacture is context
    Oh dear @kcak47mopr, you have my deepest sympathy.

    My Toshiba is the L750, it too has the Conexant sound chip and it too looses the sound from time to time. Plug in headphones and you will almost certainly find that the sound is still working - it's just the speakers that aren't. This is an obscure problem and I spent ages searching the web for a solution - here it is:

    It's a hardware problem, not a software one. This is apparently a design flaw, the chip gets too hot and shuts down its output stage that drive the speaker. Once shut down it stays that way until you power down the chip. The only way to do that is turn off the PC.

    My girlfriend has L755-S5170 laptop which is about two years old. About a month ago her leptop speakers would completely shut off after watching a youtube video for about 5 minutes....

    ...sure enough it's the Conexant audio chip. Idle temperature of the chip was 82.5F. I then started playing a youtube video and about 4 minutes into the video, the temperature of the chip reached 183.5F!!! I could reproduce this issue over and over again. The sound would shut off once the chip reached about 180F and stayed there for about half a minute or so...
    Toshiba Satellite No Sound - PROBLEM IDENTIFIED

    Toshiba Satellite L755-S5356 with I5-2430M processor and Connexant sound. I'm having problems where speaker sound plays for 15 to 60 seconds then stops.

    ...since it does exactly the same thing with both Linux and Windows 7, I can only conclude it's a hardware problem.
    Toshiba Satellite speaker sound problem - Forums - CNET

    The chip sits just under the surface of the case to the left of the touchpad. Put your hand there when the sound stops, does it feel too hot? (thought so)


    A) Keep the volume down.
    B) Use headphones instead of speakers.
    C) Open the case and fit a home-made heatsink to the chip.

    There is one software workaround that helps (it doesn't stop the sound failing, but it lets you restore sound in a matter of seconds when it does). Shutting down the PC will reset the thermal cut-out in the chip. Toshiba provided a Power Management tool that could allow you to power down the audio chip when not in use, however our models are not officially supported for Windows 10 so there is no tool that works in Win10. I did however find this MS documentation that describes the registry setting used.

    I set mine to power down after 30 seconds of inactivity. This means the chip is a little cooler when sound starts, so it takes longer to over heat. Plus, if the sound cuts out I just have to pause playback for 30 seconds until the chip powers down. Then I can resume with the sound working again (at a lower volume, so it will hopefully last longer).

    I'll try and dig out the relevant registry key for you, but I have to go now so it may be a while.
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    OK, back now.

    I see I got tired of waiting 30 seconds to get my sound back, it's now set to 4 seconds. The exact registry key will depend on which audio driver you have installed. My key is:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Audio power 1.PNG 
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    Here's how to find yours. Type sound in the Cortana/Search box next to Start and open 'Sound - Control panel'. Select 'Speakers', click 'Properties', click 'Properties' in in the window that opens, then on the 'Details' tab look at the value for the 'Class GUID' property. This is the name of your key, you can right-click on this value to copy it.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Audio power 2.PNG 
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Size:	71.8 KB 
ID:	122810

    Now open Regedit, go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet and find (Ctrl-F) the key name you copied earlier.

    There are two sub-keys here, click on each and look at the value of DriverDesc to identify which is which, My first (0000) is for 'Intel(R) Display Audio', the second (0007 in my case) is for 'High Definition Audio Device' - this is the one where you should change the power settings.
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    Sorry to necropost but wanted to share my simple fix. I used 5 layers of copper foil tape on the underside of the palmrest and a 1/8" thick thermal pad on top of the sound chip to transfer the heat. The kapton tape was used to cover the exposed are after cutting the protective film to expose the chip.

    I tested it for nearly 2 hours playing youtube videos without a problem. I called it good at that point. This was using the Windows 10 default audio driver running at 80%. I noticed with that driver, there was minimal volume increase above 80%. The Conexant 8.1 driver does increase the max ouput volume a little bit so I'm not sure how this fix would work with that driver at max volume. I just decided to keep the WIndows driver for overall stability.
    I did the registry tweaks just in case it does act up in the future.
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