My sons laptop is quite old, (aspire 8930) with win 10 insider preview on it. He had a problem with the dc socket being loose, so I took it to the shop and had a new one fitted. Works a treat. But I see a blue screen sad face telling me 'power driver state failure' give me a sec and I'll reboot, which it does successfully - the battery is not charging either although the screen tells me its '0% but charging'. My son only uses the laptop when he is in the area working, 3 days a week, and only for online gaming.

I installed patch my pc to see if it could identify and fix, but no, it only seems to upgrade 3rd party software. I am going to look for a hardware driver identifier and updater later today.

So, question: Laptop on cable power works, on battery zero. Tried new battery. What is the solution to power driver state failure, and, if, available, where or how would I get fixed?

I think this was a problem before as he tried a new battery ....................