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  1.    02 Jul 2015 #1

    How Rude...

    From what I read I have something called a handshake probelm between my tv (used as my computers monitor) and my conputer. Aparently this is my tv being rude, but I can't make changes to my tv, so I need my comp to rise above it and shake anyway.

    To jump back a bit, my problem is, when I start my computer there is no sound.
    The problem does not excist when I turn my tv on and select hdmi 1 (my comp) first, then turn on the computer.
    Say I did this and have sount, if I now change to hdmi 2 or 3 to watcha a dvd or tv and then go back to hdmi1 the sound is gone and my computer needs to restart (while keeping the tv turned on) in order to hve sound.

    I've also noted that when I start my computer windows doesn't seen to rememer my settinge, the icons on the desktop show as regular size, while when I do a restart windows seem to suddenly rememer something about me wanting them to be 200%... Don't know if it's related, but it's information and more is more...


    Log file attached (I think)
    Hopefully this has whatever info you gods need.

    Thanks for helping.

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  2.    04 Jul 2015 #2

    Control Panel > Sound, there you'll find settings for output device. Put Speaker as default and you'll get sound on speakers, Digital Display Audio will give you sound on TV set. As far as I know, you can use only one device at the time.
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  3.    04 Jul 2015 #3

    Hi Mike

    Thank you very much for your reply, and thanks to whoever moved my thread, I didn't even think to put it in this section.

    I might have worded myself somewhat difficult.

    When I turn on the Computer while the tv is on I have sound, drivers and hardware is working perfectly.
    When I entered mentioned settings my tv is listed as default audio device and it is indeed the only audio device connected to the computer.

    Then I change input on my tv, from my computer to my dvd player to watch a film, and the I change the input back, still on my tv, I did not change any settings or do anything else on my computer in the meantime, and now the sound is gone.
    In mentioned sound settings I no longer have the option to select my tv as default, I't not listed as an option. Default is now changed to Realtec hd audio.

    If you have any idea what I can do please help.
    I have tried using MB drivers instead of windows regular drivers, since the worken on ubuntu, but that made no difference at all.
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  4.    05 Jul 2015 #4

    I think the video card drivers are somehow missing sound part because video card transmits sound to HDMI and therefore to TV set. TV itself would not have drivers in windows.
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  5.    06 Jul 2015 #5

    He does get sound out of the TV though, so the drivers are there. It's only after switching the input source on the TV, while the PC is on, that things go south. It sounds like it equates to unplugging the HDMI cable on the video card. The hardware is no longer detected and disappears. Audio goes back to the sound card as its the only other sound device. The PC just isn't detecting the TV again when the source is switched back to HDMI 1. I don't know how you fix that? Maybe try turning the TV off and back on again. I have my other desktop PC connected to my TV. I'll have to go play with it and see what it does in the same situation.
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  6.    06 Jul 2015 #6

    Mine doesn't do that. It is running Windows 10 build 10162. I can switch back and forth between HDMI 1 and HDMI 2. Must be the TV? Mine is a Samsung flat screen.
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  7.    06 Jul 2015 #7

    Not a very good thread title by the way. A lot of people may not even read it with a title like that.
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       06 Jul 2015 #8

    There seems to be no problem at all. Your PC automatically looks for another sound output when you switch your TV to other HDMI sources. The PC detects it as if your display was turned off so it enables the PC speaker sound output by default. If you want to go back, all you need to do is go to sound settings and switch back the sound output to HD audio.
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  9.    06 Jul 2015 #9

    There's the problem though, The OP stated "In mentioned sound settings I no longer have the option to select my tv as default, I't not listed as an option. Default is now changed to Realtec hd audio."
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       06 Jul 2015 #10

    What happens if "Realtek HD Audio" is selected?
    He may need to install the HDMI audio separately. I think that's what I did on my htpc connected to a tv.
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