Windows 10: Adding Routers and Printers to a PC running Windows 10 Pro Solved

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       05 Feb 2017 #1

    Adding Routers and Printers to a PC running Windows 10 Pro

    Apologies if this has been covered in another thread but I could not find anything.

    The problem I have is I have recently tried to reconfigure 2 routers and a printer, and to add it to a PC running Windows 10. In each and every case, The PC running WIN 10 will not recognise the new device and allow for the device to be installed. The routers are rather old and so is the printer, all still only providing information on how to install for Windows XP.

    I have tried all sorts of things to try and get the PC to scan for the new devices being added but nothing is working.

    I have looked the tutorial on adding devices to a 64-bit machine and run the routines. Nothing however seems to want to work. The automatic wizards that come with the routers and the printer also do not complete the driver installation process.

    The only entry that I find in device manager is:
    Windows has stopped this device because it reported problems ( code 43)
    A request for the USB device description has failed.
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    For the printer, have you gone to the manufactures site to get drivers and software? If not, start there.

    Might also be helpful to share what type of printer it is, others may know a specific solution for brand / model.

    As to the routers, I assume you have a stand alone modem and a standalone router providing internet service today. If so I would head to Internet to see what the default IP range is for the router you want to reconfigure. I would also get the default user name and password. I would then reset the router you want to reconfigure using a paper clip.

    I would then remove your existing router and connect the first router you want to reconfigure. Then attach a cable between router and PC and reboot PC. Enter the default address router address, something like, enter user id and password. You should be able to reconfigure from there.

    Note: If the router you are trying to reconfigure has a different IP range then you current production router you don't have to remove your production router. Take a cable from your production router to the wan port of the device you want to reconfigure and connect your PC to the router to be reconfigured with a cable. You just can't have two routers on network both being (Your addressing may be different.)

    When finished install you original router back in. Sometimes for modem to talk to routers after switching they also need to powered down.
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       06 Feb 2017 #3

    Thanks for the response. I have done all that. As far as I can tell the the one router definitely is using a different range of IP addresses.
    As to the printer, I have done every single thing the manufacturer has stated --- nothing works. Somehow The WIN 10 PC will just not recognise the new devices and will not complete the handshaking between it and the new device ...

    In other words, when I plug in one of the new routers, the PC does not recognise the device has been plugged in and does not start the process to create a connection at all.

    The connection is recognised, but the lights on the LAN port do not start flashing (Ethernet) Some how the automatic process is not starting.

    If I go through the process of setting up a new connection I get this message, but nothing happens:

    It might take up to 90 seconds for unconfigured devices on your network to appear
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  4. Caledon Ken's Avatar
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    Windows 10 Pro x64 Build 1803
       06 Feb 2017 #4

    If your router has dhcp disabled it will not hand IP address to computer and unless computer is set to static, with the right range it. Won't connect.

    What is the make model of the first router you want to reconfigure?

    With the printer have you connected printer to alternate machine with same cable?

    What kind of printer is it?
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       06 Feb 2017 #5

    My own router works fine and is set as a DHCP server. If I connect the printer to it (HP Laserjet Pro) with an Ethernet interface, no handshaking takes place between the printer and the router. This printer worked on the owner's laptop previously until the laptop was upgraded to WIN 10 Pro. There seems to be no way at all to get the printer to handshake with the router.

    The ADSL routers are both routers that have been previously used on the same laptop. Both refuse to connect to my router in any way at all. If I disconnect my router from laptop and plug in any of these routers or the printer directly into the laptop's Ethernet port, no handshaking takes place and the devices do not appear in the list of devices, so I am unable to access the setup pages for the routers.
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    It's not clear are you trying to run two routers at the same time or just swapping them. Windows doesn't install anything for a router
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    No not trying to run two routers at the same time. I am trying to use my computer (win 10Pro) to get two other routers to work as ADSL routers, plus find out why the printer refuses to run under win 10 Pro

    I have tried in two way to do this, by connecting the printer to my existing LAN and also direct to the Ethernet port on my PC.

    I have then disconnected my router from my PC and tried to connect the PC to any of the two routers one by one and not via my own LAN.
    I neither of the above cases can I get to a point where I am able to access the webpage interface for the printer the two routers (always one by one) in a stand alone configuration with no access to the Internet.
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       06 Feb 2017 #8

    You need to provide more information than just "HP LaserJet Pro", there are tons of different models and drivers may not be compatible. Also giving exact make and model of your routers would be a good thing. I doubt your problem is with the routers, but nothing should be left out.

    The more detailed information you provide the better are your chances someone could help you out.
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       06 Feb 2017 #9

    Have you reset printer or walked through the printer setup panels. How is printer configured for network (in its setup panels)?
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       06 Feb 2017 #10

    I think I have to simplify all if this first. Lets forget about the printer for the moment, as I do not have access to its manual or any sw that might have come with it.

    The one router is also without any manuals or sw setup disks or anything. All I have been wanting to do is to get to a point where I can use my PC ( which I know works) to be able to plug the router into and get to its setup pages to see what is going on.

    I am doing nothing more complicated than plugging my PC into a ADSL router ( which is NOT connected to the Internet) and trying to see what the settings are on the router.

    As soon as I do so, I should be able to enter the default gateway IP address into my web browser ( Edge) and get to see a screen for the router which may or may not ask for a admin password.
    It is THIS that refuses to work. I am trying to establish why my PC is not picking up the router ( which by default) should be set as a DHCP server. I know what the default gateway IP address is. It is

    Surely, as soon as I plug the router into the existing Ethernet connection, The PC should connect and be allocated a IP address by the router?

    Now having had a number of problems lately after the last windows upgrade, all related to IP addressing I am wondering if there is something in the latest update that is preventing my PC from discovering new devices? And why when I ask it to search for new devices, does nothing happen?
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