I don't think I would go so far as to say Installing the drivers on the manufactures page is always a safe bet. Especially if they are say Windows 7 drivers, and your running Windows 10. Odds are they are older than what your currently using, and installing them may actually hurt performance. IMHO

If your still running the OS the device shipped with, then yes, it is probably a good idea to install them. Especially if its a laptop. There may be some functionality missing with the stock drivers that the OEM provides with their modified drivers. The special function keys etc.

My litmus test is, is everything working? If I have a red X or yellow ! in device manager, or something doesn't work right, I go looking for drivers. It doesn't have to be the manufacturer of the device either. Look there first, but you can also go right to AMD, Intel, NVidia etc. ASUS doesn't have anything for Windows 10 for my laptop or desktop. I don't even bother going to their site anymore. I go right to AMD for video/chip-set drivers for my laptop. And NVidia for the same drivers for my desktop PC's. Well I did, for the early Windows 10 builds. Now I just run what Windows update gives me. They finally caught up and have reliable drivers that don't crash. DisplayLink even installs automatically when I plug my USB Monitor in to my laptop. One reboot and its all set and running. It was a PITA to get working in the preview builds.