Windows 10: GSATA Problems on Windows 10 Gigabyte Mobo Solved

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    Windows 10 Pro 64 bit and Windows 7 pro 64
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    GSATA Problems on Windows 10 Gigabyte Mobo

    I’m having a problem with my DVD Burner operation on Windows 10 that I think is related to the driver. Recently I moved the DVD Burner from one of the native SATA ports to one of two on-board GSATA ports. The second GSATA port is unconnected. These two GSATA ports are powered by a JMicron chip referred to by Gigabyte as the GBB36X Controller. Windows 10 loaded a Microsoft provided “Standard AHCI Controller” driver for the GBB36X dated 2006. With the DVD on the GSATA port here are the problems: The door will not stay opened. Once it opens it immediately closes! When I open My Computer, the window becomes unstable and takes minutes to refresh the screen. Launching iTunes used to be instant and now takes a full minute to launch. Here are some other clues:

    • The problems don’t occur when the DVD is plugged into a native SATA port.
    • I can run Windows 7 on the same computer and all works fine even when the DVD is on the GSATA port.
    • I tried loading the same Windows 7 JMicron driver for the GBB36X on Windows 10 but it came up with a yellow mark and an error “device cannot start code 10.” The device manger showed the driver was installed but the DVD remained connected via the Microsoft driver. I could not find a JMicron driver for windows 10. I downloaded a later version of the JMicron driver but the result was the same as above.
    • When I disable the GSATA controller in the Device Manager, the computer works fine. iTunes launches instantly and the My Computer window is stable and fast.

    It sounds to me like a problem with the Microsoft driver on the GBB36X controller in Windows 10. Does anyone have any suggestions for getting a driver that will solve this problem for Windows 10? Any other ways of attacking this problem?
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    Need Some Help!

    Can anyone help with this? With all of the legacy driver problems I’ve been able to get working on Windows 10, I wouldn’t want to give up finding something to make my GSATA port work on Windows 10!
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    Have you tried Gigabyte driver updates for your motherboard? GIGABYTE - Support - Downloads
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    You can try an updated driver for it, but I've always learned to avoid the JMicron controllers on any of my Gigabyte boards. I love Gigabyte, but they should stick to all Intel controllers.
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    The latest driver on the Gigabyte website is ver and yes, I've tried that as well as which I got from the JMicron site. All of them give the yellow ! mark with the “device cannot start code 10” error as described in the opening post. 3rd party driver sites claim these driver versions are win 10 compatible but JMicron and Gigabyte say thru Win 7 only. I've had so many cases like this where a Win 7 driver installed via the device manager under "have disk" has worked fine on Windows 10 but this seems to be the exception. While I've heard the GSATA ports have a bad rap, these work flawlessly on the same computer when booted to Win 7 so it continues to look like a driver compatibility issue to me. So much for the idea that Win 7 and Win 10 are not that much different in driver-land!
    One thing I will try next is to uninstall the Microsoft Standard AHCI Controller dirver and let it reinstall it. I don't have high hopes though since Windows already said its the best driver for my system.
    Other suggestions or information?
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    tweakit said: View Post
    So much for the idea that Win 7 and Win 10 are not that much different in driver-land!
    No one said they were alike in terms of drivers...well at least no one with any knowledge. 8.1 and 10 can be similar for drivers, but I certainly wouldn't say that of an OS three levels previous to current.

    You can try removing the drivers and restarting, and also checking if Windows Update offers anything new. After that, I'd just go back to using the Intel ones.
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    Can you set the GSATA ports to IDE in the bios? as in without changing the normal ones?
    Maybe Windows would install IDE drivers for it.
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    Windows 10 Pro 64 bit and Windows 7 pro 64
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       03 Jan 2017 #8

    Thanks DeaconFrost and clam1952 for your inputs. I uninstalled the GSATA controller driver in Device Manager and restarted but as i suspected Windows found and loaded the same driver with no improvement. Did the same for the DVD driver also with the same result. Here are what the two drivers look like.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    I like the idea of trying IDE mode only for the GSATA ports. I've found instructions for switched back and forth between these modes in Windows 7 but on Windows 10 i haven't found how to migrate from AHCI to IDE and I also don't know how that would be done for just the GSATA ports while leaving the native SATA ports on AHCI. My bios does however have separate AHCI/IDE selections for the GSATA and native SATA ports. The problem that i see is having to tell the OS how to change back to IDE only for the GSATA ports. That part is a little scary.
    Here's another thought. The chipset drivers i use came from Microsoft when I clean installed Win 10 on this machine. I've been told the windows 7 chipset drivers also work on Windows 10. I could try installing those Win 7 chipset drivers if there is any reason to think that may make Windows 10 happy with the Windows 7 GSATA drivers.
    Any thoughts?
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    I could try installing those Win 7 chipset drivers if there is any reason to think that may make Windows 10 happy with the Windows 7 GSATA drivers.
    Any thoughts?
    Try it? I'm using Win7 Drivers for a TV card in Win10, as there is nothing later and it works OK.
    I'm surprised Gigabyte haven't provided a working driver though at least for Win8.

    Just a longshot but there isn't a bios update for the motherboard that might address the issue?
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    A long shot worked!: UPDATED Jan 5.

    Already tried it and it works perfectly! I Installed the same Win 7 chipset drivers that i'm running on my Win 7 installation. These chipset drivers came from Gigabyte (Bios is already latest version). Then i verified the problem still existed with the DVD. Then I updated the GSATA controller driver using ver which is the latest version found on Gigabyte website. It updated smoothly via the Device Manager "have disk" method. Now all is perfect! I thought this was truly a long shot especially since I've seen several comments suggesting there is no reason not to stay with the chipset drivers that came with windows 10. This seems like a reason. Also I've had to go thru some "extra-steps" to get older hardware to accept win 7 drivers. I've always followed what others reported on. Had to do this with my video card and Atheros usb wifi adapter. The video card had windows 10 drivers just like the GSATA did, but also like the GSATA i had problems with it. The wifi adapter had no win10 drivers. This success makes me wonder if i had simply started with the Intel win 7 chipset inf installed if maybe those devices would have accepted window 7 drivers without following any extra steps. Don't know.
    Can anyone think of anything that may come back to haunt me with this change? There aren't any yellow marks in the DM and the DVD is fine so for now I'm hoping all is good. Would like to know if anyone thinks the win 7 chipset INF drivers might not have been a good idea. Thanks for the suggestions.
    2 days later update to above entry:
    I’m following up with some new information on this. I went back to the original Microsoft provided chipset drivers that Windows installed when the OS was installed. As always, the GSATA problems still existed with the Microsoft “Standard AHCI Controller” driver. However, I could not repeat any of the problems with the GSATA GBB36X drivers from JMicron. These installed error-free and solved all of the problems with my DVD drive on the GSATA port. I tried four revisions of the JMicron driver ranging from thru all with the same good result. I wanted to clarify this lest anyone conclude as I did that the Microsoft Chipset INF drivers were the root cause of my troubles. Sorry, I can’t offer any illumination as to why I had problems installing the JMicron GSATA drivers or why these problems disappeared but I have been using the JMicron driver now and it’s been working very nicely and solved my GSATA problems on Windows 10!
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