Hi all,

Is anyone else (or everyone else) have an issue with dual-monitor setups as far as resolutions are concerned? I am an AV engineer and programmer and I had my Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro hooked up to a Crestron DigitalMedia video system, which is really some of the best display processing and routing out there. The laptop kept outputting 1920x1200 no matter what the resolution for MON 2 was set to in Display Settings (or Advanced Display Settings). I changed it to 1280x720 and while Windows said that's what it was, that's not what was showing up at the video switcher. I even edited the EDID for the HDMI input to take out resolutions and it ALWAYS output the MAX resolution that the EDID had, regardless of what I set Windows to output.

I rebooted back to Windows 8.1 (dual-boot) and everything was fine. I downloaded the GMA drivers for Windows 8.1 and Have Disk installed them to Win10, and it didn't fix anything.

Very strange.

Is there a secret place where Intel has beta drivers for Windows 10?