Hello friends!

This popping sound problem has been driving me crazy for the past 1 month. I read everything google had to offer, installed latency monitors, ran xperf, updated all of the drivers, tried to pin down the problematic ones, disables speed-stepping in BIOS and basically tried all the other solutions out there. Nothing helped, the popping is still there and it's driving me nuts.

Today though, I finally found a way to stop it. The method is retarded (but hey, if it works it ain't stupid, right?), cause it involves running prime95 while playing sound. When my CPU is at 100% load, the popping disappears completely. Now I at least know that the cause is my goddamn CPU, but how do I solve this problem? Running prime95 every time I want to listen to music or play a movie is not really the ideal solution...

Any ideas? And thanks in advance!