Windows 10: Phantom USB Drive Solved

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  1.    26 Dec 2016 #11

    I'll bet your Startech device is built around aforementioned JMicron device. I think ComputerGeek has essentially nailed the operative cause and effect here. Why do I say this? I had a system about 2 years ago with a motherboard with an integrated JMicron device of the same kind, and it did the same thing.
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  2.    26 Dec 2016 #12

    I "Thought" I found it. I connected the Startech so I could see what it does (it just shows the hard drive under disc drives in the Device Manager as any other hard drive). I then went to "Safely Remove Hardware" to remove it. I noticed there was a "USB to ATA/ATAPI bridge" listed in the Safely Remove Hardware. It has been there for a long time as I assumed it was a "real" device. I "removed" it and the Phantom USB device went away. I scanned for new hardware and it didn't come back. BUT I rebooted and checked after Windows started and its back again. This "USB to ATA/ATAPI bridge" is the key, but what is it? Its not hardware specific as it was on the old PC system and now showing up on the new system. The only "common" items are the SSD drive and a 1.5TB hard drive that I use for my recording system storage.
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    Server 2012 R2 and Windows 10 x64 v1709
       26 Dec 2016 #13

    Hardware IDs are burned into the firmware of a plug and play device by the vendor. All I can tell you is Windows reports its a JMicron controller. Hardware ID of USB\VID_152D&PID_2329
    • VID_152D means it's a JMicron chip
    • PID_232D indicates a JMicron USB/SATA bridge

    Feel free to look up that hardware ID yourself.

    It must appear as a USB Mass Storage device because Windows driver search probably didn't find a driver match for either of the hardware IDs but did find a match on one of the device's compatible IDs. Click Device->Details Compatible IDs to see them.

    Can you do a snap shot of Device Manager View->Devices by Connection showing parent/child relationships of the device. in question. If it connects to the PCI bus it's a real chip on your m/b (maybe packaged into a product under someone else's name). If it connects to a "Virtual" bus, then it's a virtual device being created by software you have installed.

    /* EDIT */

    just saw your last post. and see there is a bridge. In your snap shot can you show the full parent/child relationship for the bridge as well? And curious what's the hardware ID of the bridge:?
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  4.    26 Dec 2016 #14

    OK, I found it, or the device that is causing it. It is my Primera Bravo SE Disc printer (ink jet printer for disc labels). When its plugged, whether powered on or off the USB Mass Storage Device shows up on Port 2 of a (powered) USB hub. I had a USB 2.0 hub and I changed it out for a different hub (happened to be a USB 3.0 hub) and it still shows the same thing. I changed to a different USB cable for the Primera Bravo and it still shows it.

    There is no disc drive in the Primera Bravo SE, it is strictly a printer.

    I'm going to mark this solved. I'll contact Primera support to see if I have a hardware problem with the printer.

    USB Device tree viewer utility helped me track it down.

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  5.    26 Dec 2016 #15

    Update on the Primera Bravo SE disc printer. There is an optional model that has a CD/DVD burner built in. As it turns out the same interface board and driver software is provided for both models. The model I have does not have the CD/DVD burner but because the hardware and drivers are set up for it I'm getting the Phantom drive error. Nothing I can do about it. The model I have has been replaced by the Bravo SE-3 updated model, thus no new drivers or firmware will be issued for my model.
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  6.    26 Dec 2016 #16

    At least, you now know why this is happening, and can cheerfully ignore it going forward. Or, if you're really, really OCD, you can buy the new disc printer model and get rid of the old one!
    Thanks for telling us the conclusion of this thrilling tale of woe.
    Best wishes from one old "tech guy" to another!
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  7.    27 Dec 2016 #17

    If I ever buy a new CD/DVD printer it will not be a Primera. I've had other issues including the ink cartridges which the unit reports as "out of ink" when there's still 10 to 15% left. Because of how it functions the only option is to replace the cartridge and then "waste" a CD for the required internal print head calibration when a new ink cartridge is installed. There has to be a better way. Looks like the new model works uses the same ink cartridge and works the same way.

    I do a lot of CD production in conjunction with my recording studio.
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  8.    27 Dec 2016 #18

    Oh, Fireberd: I was only joking around anyway. My advice would be to find a different make of label printer altogether. Preferably one with a good track record on Windows 10, and better behavior with its ink cartridges. If they're anything like inkjets, the consumable costs are what kill you anyway. Thanks for the explanation, and good luck in finding a replacement. I've seen the Dymo printers used a lot for ID badges at my local schools but I'm not sure they're suitable for CD/DVD labels anyway (and our schools are still running Win7, with a refresh planned for this upcoming summer).
    Best wishes once again,
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  9.    27 Dec 2016 #19

    There is a limited market for disc printers. There two other companies that I know of that make them. Some Epson printers also have a disc print function but that is only one disc at a time. The Bravo SE will hold 20 discs at a time and automatically print them all, the reason I have a disc printer is the auto handling of the discs. I factor in the cost of the ink when I price my CD

    I'll use the Bravo SE until it "dies".
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  10.    27 Dec 2016 #20

    More from Primera support. The "bridge" they are referring to is the USB Interface with the internal logic. I sent them some screenshots.

    Thanks for the pictures. As I figured, it is seeing the USB Mass Storage controller that is in every Bravo since we added the integrated bridge. Normally the “USB Device” would not appear since there would be a drive attached to it. You would see the drive instead. Since there is not a drive it sees the controller and doesn’t quite no how to label it. All that being said, it is normal for an autoprinter.
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