Hi dear Windows 10 community

I will not try to reach you if I haven't read and try some fixes. This really gets out from what I know so far. Let me explain how I tried to fix the 100% disk usage problem first:
(specs at the end of the post)
-I installed BO3 and first game plays were awsome: 80-90 fps. Great and fluid.
-After I installed Nvidia driver 376.33 horrible frame drops begun to happen: when opening a menu it went from 120 fps to 1 fps! then when in game at the moment everyone is joining the sutter and drop was awful, after some seconds or even minute or two, if I was lucky, game recovered and could play normally...for some matches...then the frame drop begun again...
-So far I was thinking: this is a driver issue, it is known that 375.95 driver brought alot of issues for every nvidia card (almost every version had issues, specially 9000 and 10000 series)
-I have tried different versions of drivers until I found mi Disk Usage was 100%. So I found this thread here: CLICK
-I tried to shut down those services described there, the disk usage went from 100% to 0% when idle, but after some time it becomes 100% again.
-A person in the thread said you should change your ram usage numbers, and I did, but now I cant even open BO2, and BO3 it wont even let me join a match because of the freezing etc. BUT THE DISK USAGE REMAINED AT NORMAL, NO MORE 100% AT IDLE

I guess my only option is to revert that RAM numbers to original and keep trying another driver....or maybe the latest and hated option of clean formating and reinstall ??

I'm posting this here because I'm thinking this is more a Windows problem than a driver one?

Thanks for reading and have nice week and Merry Xmas to you all!!

My specs:
Win 10 pro 64 up to date
EVGA GTX960 2gb driver version 376.13
CPU: AMD PHENOM 2x4 Quad Core 3.4 GHZ
RAM: 8gb
PWS: CM 750w

PS: I had monitoring the GPU clock and I see no issues there ...i guess so...