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Re-read the whole thing. Nowhere did I say it wasnt possible it is the hardware. I just mentioned, considering how important attached storage is, MS should put a lot more effort into interface handling (even if some chinese chipmaker messes it up).

I didnt rip you a new one. However I might have been (very slightly) miffed when you deemed this a rare issue. Google it and read a few posts on MS Support board or even 7/8/10 Forum posts. It clearly is an issue for a number of people.
The specific situation you describe, of this happening so frequently is what's rare. There are many things that can cause the problem, but not in the way that you were having it.

Unfortunately, if you want performance from removable media, you must take some risks that you unmounts it correctly. Otherwise, the latency for reliable writes makes it far too slow.

By the way, Windows isn't the only OS with this problem, it happens on MacOS too.