My tower has two USB 3.0 ports on the top-front, very convenient. A while back I wanted to mirror a WD Passport 1TB to another 1 TB Passport. I plugged them both into these hubs. The computer would only recognize one drive due to a Signature Collision. I followed the steps to fix the problem: Only one drive is seen when connecting two WD external drives of the same size to a Windows 8 or 7 PC | WD Support
Cool, all fine and dandy, until one week I plug a thumb drive into the front most of the two ports and it will not connect. I try the other port and it connects just fine. I've plugged in iPods, MIDI devices, audio interfaces, and an Xbox One controller and it will not recognize them. The other port is just fine though, recognizes all of these devices. I also have a 2TB Passport and it will recognize that. So, all three external WD Passport drives are recognized but NOTHING else is.