Hi All,
My first post!
A couple of weeks ago when I turned my PC on and clicked one of drives I received a message that "This Folder Is Empty". I found this solution after a google search:
1.diskpart 2. list disk 3. select disk {number} 4. attributes disk clear readonly 5.
Disk attributes cleared successfully

I would then shutdown; pull all USB cables; turn on PC and re-inserted all USB cables. (This would only temporarily fix the problem.)

For whatever reason the problem came back. I did the originally solution again.

During this last time all partitions came back as normal, except for one:
DISKPART> select disk 1 Disk 1 is now the selected disk.
DISKPART> attributes disk clear readonly DiskPart failed to clear disk attributes.
that one gave me "N Drive Is Not Accessible - The Parameter Is Incorrect" Please check the following images.
Attachment 111320 Attachment 111321
Needing a break I went out and ate Thanksgiving dinner with wife and family. Came back in to do some work and all the partitions were "empty" again.
What would cause this problem after re-booting: "3rd Master Hard Disk Error - Press F1 to continue". I had to "Press F1" before booting into Windows. Tried Google, but no luck. Nothing that made sense. Any ideas?
I following image is another issue. I lost a partition and after using EaseUS Data Recovery: All I know is I had a 2 tb external and the next thing I remember I now had a 128 Gb partition; and trying to initialize it was also a problem.
Attachment 111324
I hope I expertly and appropriately explained to everyone's satisfaction. If anyone still has a question please feel free to ask.

Should I make one of the questions above a different thread?

Thanks in advance.


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