We just purchased a new xerox WorkCentre 7970 and a WorkCentre 7845. Operating system is Windows 10 on our network. Xerox support has not been able to get either printer to print colors like our old outdated Toshiba machine. Colors are not "true" (missing different hues) and printed copy is not sharp and brilliant. Xerox technician supposedly installed everything correctly and updated appropriate drivers. Still major problems. Today we saved several documents on a flash drive, then printed each document 3 times: once directly from a PC, once directly from a flash drive, and the third time we took the flash drive to our local Staples and had them printed there. Only the copies from Staples look normal. Both printed on our system were equally bad, but in different ways. The Staples guy asked us what operating system we were using, and when we said Windows 10, he laughed. He said they have to use Windows 7 because they cannot get true color copies on their xerox machines with Windows 10. Has anyone else heard anything about this? Or better yet, do you have a solution? We are in the process of trying to locate someone's laptop that still has Windows 7 and print from the laptop to see if the result is better. At this point we are going to have to return the printers unless some solution is found.