Windows 10: Hot Swap and fitting second Hard Drive Solved

  1.    19 Nov 2016 #1

    Hot Swap and fitting second Hard Drive


    I just received my purchased MEDION AKOYA P5218 F - Intel Core i5-6400, 2,7GHz, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750, WLAN, Windows 10 Desktop computer.

    Since I had recently just bought a WD 1TB Black Hard Drive I wanted to fit this inside.

    Although there appears to be a tiny cramped space for a second Hard Drive (have marked the place where I think it should go? and use any free electric cable in that bundle?) I was unable to see anywhere to plug the cable into the motherboard.

    I bought this computer as replacement to my i3 3220 which was no longer good enough for my multimedia software; I did not have a lot of money over, but wanted an i5, so this was my compromise (but extremely wary - Medion!!). I did read it had a "Hot Swap" but did not really understand what this was (other than you could easily swap drives):

    Hot-swap mobile rack - Swap hard drives quickly and easily even while the PC is running. Perfect for data backups, data exchange and alternative operating systems.

    But fully understand I did not!

    Anyway - and I am just guessing here - it looks like the Hot Swap is using the motherboard socket for a possible second Hard Drive. And there is no other free socket.

    So - guessing again - if I have understand correctly from Google searches - the Hot Swap is not intended to be used as a second internal Hard Drive ? Or have I understood wrong? Can it be used for my second Hard Drive?

    Really confused here about this!!! SO HELP!

    If not I guess I will have to unplug the Hot Swap and use this to plug my second Hard Drive?

    ANOTHER but related question:

    The built in Hard Drive looks to be a 1 TB WD Blue

    The Hard Drive I want to build in is a 1 TB WD Black

    As far as I can tell the Black is a better drive than the Blue (was certainly more expensive)

    So should I move the system (if I am capable of doing this easy - have no experience and not that computer technical) from the Blue to the Black? (does it bring significant performance or none?)

    Or just leave it as it is?

    AND - guessing again - I figure I might be able to use this Hot Swap to somehow move my system over to the black (only if it is better for system performance?) - clone/copy - or? have never used such a thing (Hot Swap) before so unsure about this?

    Really stuck here on this Hot Swap be glad of speedy help - and many thanks

    Click image for larger version. 

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Name:	wiring.jpg 
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       19 Nov 2016 #2

    Yes you can use the hotswap drive tray for another "internal " hard drive. I could not tell from the description., is it a 3.5 inch drive tray?

    I use 5 trays in my system, each containing a drive for storage as well as one for my operating system.
    This give a lot of flexibility.
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  3.    19 Nov 2016 #3

    Thanks pbcopter

    Really appreciate the help

    I guess it is a 3.5 but don't know for sure.

    I don't even know how it opens. Once you open the outside cover you see a tray with a handle on it (see photo) but how does this open - have tried gently pulling but it seems pretty firmly in place? Too afraid to pull it harder.Click image for larger version. 

Name:	hot-swap.jpg 
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  4.    19 Nov 2016 #4

    Okay got it open

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	tray-from-top.jpg 
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Name:	tray-from-bottom.jpg 
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Name:	HS-tray-removed.jpg 
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    So I can use this just the same as installing a second drive inside main housing - that's great

    Do you have any thoughts on using the WD Black as main drive (transfering system to the WD Black - which I guess I can do by using this Hot Swap?) - or it is not worth the bother (risk - I am new to this) and leave the system on installed WD Blue?

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    I would leave the operating system on the WD blue. The 1TB blue units are faster than the 1TB black drives.
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  6.    20 Nov 2016 #6

    okay pbcopter

    thanks a lot

    you have been really very helpfull
    really appreciate it a lot
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