SSD for Christmas may Get, but some questions first Solved

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    SSD for Christmas may Get, but some questions first

    Hi All

    Little Nervous on getting my very first SSD, Typically I sleep the PC at night when I'm done for the day, and have PC do any maintenance needed, any video encoding needed, or just sleep some nights, sometimes I remote in from phone during night, and do a few tasks, namely ccleaner, or Malwarebytes scan if I remember ohh I forgot to do that

    Anyhow first question

    Is it safe to sleep a PC with a ssd drive? will it wake up properly in Windows 10 Pro 64bit?

    Is it safe to continue using Avast Antivirus with SSD Drive? (might fully switch to Defender soon, reinstalled Avast after last clean install for some god knows unknown reason lol)

    Should I install Firestorm (Secondlfie 3rd party viewer on the storage spinner drive, and move it's cache files/chat logging folder to spinner drive to prevent too many writes to the SSD?

    Any special precautions installing on a Desktop System, specifically the one in my specs, should I upgrade the power supply first before getting the SSD?

    Think that's all of my questions for now
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    For the most part SSDs can be treated the same way you would a standard hard drive. You can use sleep,etc. just as with any drive. The only thing you should not do is use a de-fragmentation program or do a full format. I know of no specific antivirus that is harmful to an SSD.
    Some people move various items to a standard hard drive to minimize the writes but that is a personal preference. Modern SSDs allow for many more write cycles than some of the early ones.

    I'm not a fan of OEM power supplies but an SSD would not likely overload yours. I personally would not add too much more beyond the SSD to your system with that power supply though.
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       13 Nov 2016 #3

    yeah I haven't added anything else, SSD will be only real add coming up soon as I can afford it, i'm thinking around Christmas time. Then birthday hope to afford upgraded quality power supply, perhaps Evga or some other reputable brand.

    At least less nervous on adding SSD now with your reply, thank you so much
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    I'll second what pbcopter said. The newer SSDs are very reliable and have longer lives. Unless your having problems or plan a lot of upgrades I don't see the need for a new power supply. I have two SSD's, a HDD and a Blue Ray drive and I have a Power supply somewhere around 3 or 4 hundred watts and haven't had any problems.
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    Only upgrade after the SSD planned is move to 16gb of ram, possibly a beefer video card sometime in the future for gaming (that would probably be only reason i'd need a beefer power supply). System running great otherwise though, no issues, performance great even without the SSD right now, once have SSD I'm sure will be even better.

    then just have to remind myself no maintenance to do on the ssd like defrag or anything like that, and just remember to do that for storage drive manually off and on, unless Windows 10 Pro will take care of Storage drive itself maintenance wise and not mess with the SSD, guess will figure that part out once I have the SSD.
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    Nobody should be scared of SSDs. Except for proper setup with SATA in AHCI mode and OS aware of SSD's special needs (W7 Sp1 and up) there's nothing "special" about them, it's enough to treat them as any other type of a drive. There's also no need to buy most expensive ones and is better to put your money into capacity.
    I have two SSDs just in this machine and both were the cheapest ones I could find at the time. One is a Kingston v300, 120 GB, 5 years old and other is a two and 1/2 year old 240GB Silicone power v70, Both are still 100% although nothing special done to prolong their life and running OSs (W7 and W10) 24/7 with many terabytes of traffic thru them. I had couple of HDDs that crapped out during that time.
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    I agree with CountMike and the others who have posted here. I have at least a dozen SSDs, some from Gen 2, I believe, which are still running in other computers. My first was an Intel X-25M and is still running in an older laptop. Don't worry about the writes too much. Most of the information and "optimizations" you read about on the web are for first generation SSDs. The first generation were fairly fragile. They have gotten quite good at optimizing themselves recently. They are no more fragile than mechanical hard drives, even less so in my opinion. Just stay away from third party defraggers. There is never a reason to defrag an SSD. Windows 10 is SSD aware and will not defrag an SSD,. it will optimize it (run Trim) instead of defragging it.
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    In addition to the above a SSD uses much less power than a HDD so assuming all other things are equal you'll certainly not need a new PSU.
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    SSD For Christmas may Get, but some questions first

    lx07 said: View Post
    In addition to the above a SSD uses much less power than a HDD so assuming all other things are equal you'll certainly not need a new PSU.
    Thank you all so much for the replies, so more at ease now than I was prior to starting this thread, next task is affording the ssd drive, installing, and such. yes AHCI is on, should be good to go with OS wise, Windows 10 Pro 64bit, (not sure if i'll clone this internal drive or do a fresh install, might do a fresh install, as will be totally clean in that case, don't really mind reinstalling all, as long as i'm way under that month Comcast Cap of 1tb lol.

    This forum has such great info, and finally fully relaxed on getting very first ever SSD, kinda wish I could afford right now, but sadly not in the cards quite yet, but will be hopefully next month
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    Just to give you some more incentive, left is SSD and other two are HDDs.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	SilPow vs WDBlue vs WDgreen1.JPG 
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