I have Windows 10 Pro, Version 1511. I've not updated to Version 1607 because of FUD regarding the NVIDIA drivers. Starting a couple of days ago, just after a Windows update, I have a 1511 problem: when I boot up, the displays (I have 4) blink at seemingly random times, and also power on and off at strange times. I wait but never see Windows fully loaded.

I read somewhere that F5 was the key to use to go into safe mode (I remain unsure about the veracity of that claim). But, in desperation, I tried the F5 key: it didn't appear to go into safe mode, and booted up normally, giving me a clean system.

I suspect this is a device driver problem: should I go to NVIDIA's website and just download the latest device driver? I've had NVIDIA problems on various platforms starting about six months before the original RTM release, and all three of my Windows 10 platforms have NVIDIA display adapters.