Hello. I need to install Google Cloud Print in my computer, as it is the only way for me to share a printer on my network (it's a long story, but believe me). The installer debugs this error message:

[1103/184546:WARNING:setup.cc(370)] Unable to open printer
[1103/184546:WARNING:setup.cc(320)] Print driver is already uninstalled.
[1103/184546:WARNING:setup.cc(263)] File is missing: XPSSVCS.DLL
[1103/184546:ERROR:setup.cc(305)] Unable to add printer driver
[1103/184546:ERROR:setup.cc(402)] Unable to install driver.
[1103/184546:INFO:setup.cc(543)] The specified printer driver was not found on the system and needs to be downloaded. HRESULT=0x80070bcb
It appears it requires some Windows 7-era XPS printing feature that was removed on Windows 8+. The old style control panel Windows' features list says that all the XPS software is installed, though. I've tryed to install what the Google Cloud Print page links to, a Vista-era MSFT complement to Windows (Download Microsoft XML Paper Specification Essentials Pack from Official Microsoft Download Center), but the installer says that the signing certificate is invalid. And I can't find XPSSVCS.DLL on the .cab files of the installers.

I REALLY need to install Google Cloud Print. Any ideas on how to do it?


Edit: here's a support post that may or may not help https://bugs.chromium.org/p/chromium...ail?id=267207#