Since my last Windows 10 (unwanted, unprompted for) system update, I lose connection to my Epson GT-15000 scanner. I get it back by uninstalling & reinstalling the software: NOT a satisfactory solution!
The device manager shows 3 USB Root Hubs, all with event "Device Migrated" 10/12/2016.
The root driver date on two is 6/21/2006 & Windows says this is up to date.
The 3rd USB hub (perhaps for monitor ports) has driver date 7/15/16, also up to date.
The scanner is plugged into the USB port on the back of my Dell XPS8700, next to the port with a Monoprice tablet& stylus I use instead of a mouse (this stays connected).
Unplugged & reconnected the scanner then scan for hardware does not help, instead I see a new "printer" called DIRECT-ZxM283x

Reboot with scanner powered on did not help.

And to repeat, Windows thinks I have the latest drivers, so please don't say "update device drivers" unless you have a specific source or a better way to update drivers!