While I realize there is a) nothing wrong with it, 2) HP doesn't support it anymore, and 3) VueScan, I think that is the name, wants $49.95 for a driver. I am not going to spend that kind of money for a driver. HP links to the third party site form their site.

I did download and try to install several of the 2002 drivers for this scanner. The install works until the pdf, the chm help file, and 2 dlls fail. I was able to pull one of the dlls from the .cab file and place it in the Wnidows/system32 folder with the rest of the dlls from this install.

I get the scanner window to show up, and then it says 'cannot find scanner' message and it doesn't start up the lamp.

I tried the same USB cable and port, with my other scanner, and it connects fine.

Is there any way to fix this so I can use it ?

I do have a newer one I can use, but this one has nothing wrong with it and I would like to use it for its slide holder, etc. which the new one doesn't have.