I recently purchased a Windows 10 Tablet and a Universal Tablet Pen which was sold separately. The pen works with the tablet, however it is terrible if you try to use the pen to write. I suspect there is some issue with the calibration. So my question is, What is the correct procedure to calibrate a pen to the touch screen? I know you go to Control Panel > Tablet PC Settings > Calibrate. However, I attempted this several times and I almost messed up my tablet. At one point I could barely sign in because the calibration was way out of alignment. I could barely press any keys using touch because the calibration was off by several inches. For example if I tried to tap any icon, the input response indictator would show up on another part of the screen far from where I pressed. Luckily, none of this affected the mouse so I was able to log back in and reset the calibration settings to the original default. If someone can please post some instructions or find a youtube video on this, that would be great. Thanks