I have a small family network (Win 7 and 8.1 machines) Have Samsung printer ML2525 connected by USB to desktop in network. All existing computers can see and print to this printer without problem.

Bought new Win 10 laptop. Downloaded Samsung universal printer driver3 (latest release which covers Win10). Installed driver, plugged printer into laptop (via USB) and everything worked fine. Physically I want to have printer on Desktop and moved printer back.

Trying to get Win 10 laptop to install Samsung printer from across network:

Tried to install printer with control panel/Devices and printers/Add a Printer: Program immediately sees the printer. When I click next to install get long wait then error message "Operation error (0x00000bcb) Specified printer driver was not found on the system and needs to be downloaded."

Tried to install with Setting/Devices/add a printer: App finds printer immediately. I click to add it and it waits long time ("Connecting") and comes back with but fails to install ("There's more to do. before you can add this printer you need to install a driver...")

BUT - Driver is installed on the laptop from when printer was physically connected - win10 doesn't know to look.

How to I tell Win 10 where to look for a driver and at what part of the install process?