I have a Lenovo notebook with Windows 10 (updated to this week), and and Blue Piston Bluetooth speaker.

I have no problem pairing my Blue Piston Bluetooth speaker to my old Ipod Touch or my IPad 2.

But, I do have problems using it with my Lenovo Notebook. They seem to Pair but quite often the radio program I am listening on the Bluetooth speaker too goes intermittently dead and then reconnects.

In the Manage Bluetooth devices settings screen of Windows 10, a message sometimes appears and says "Setup incomplete. Restart your PC".

I have restarted my PC, and it seems to make no difference.

The only step that I have taken is to remove and reinstall the Atheros/Broadcom driver set.

I have one suspicion that my Blueooth on my computer is conflicting with my Wifi on my computer.

Advice is appreciated.