Clean "Sticky Keyboard keys" Solved

  1.    15 Oct 2016 #1

    Clean "Sticky Keyboard keys"

    Anyone know how to clean "Sticky" keys on Gaming Keyboards.
    Ill explain i am left handed so i use the right ctrl key on my Logitech G510s a lot because its right next to the Direction keys so i can hit it with my index finger "or whats it called"
    The problem is i use that Right CTRL key for a lot Zooming holding it down and using scroll key on my Mouse
    Editing videos
    Macro's combo to launch programs
    But its not jumping back up so easy any more seems to get stuck, so any idea's
    No alcohol, do not play well with the plastic
    not possible to clean if you take apart the keyboard its all protected and covered so any one with a good idea lets hear it

    JUST a friendly hint if anyone says learn to use Right hand CTRL ill smack him on the head with my G510s
    I only use left hand for 2 things "No lame jokes please that's my department" writing and Gaming.

    And have tried using my Right hand but i must be daft simply cannot get the hang of it, so ill stay leftie
    So Brainstorm please how do you clean if possible the damn keys when they stick
    Keyboard has mechanical keys with an annoying LCD
    And totally unsuitable for Left handed Gamers or so you would think i learned to hit the G keys fast when i played WoW and then back to mouse.
    Well sort off sometimes in the heat of battle and laying on my couch using my 40 inch LCD for PC Monitor
    The mouse would not stay where it was when i went for the G keys resulting in when i hit a G key fast and then went for mouse i would smack it sending it flying across the living room amazing how well it fly's very aerodynamic build my G300s ofc flight time would end when it hit my TV Rack bad mouse bad.
    Okay enough fairytales
    Brainstorm please how the heck do i unstick my CTRL key
    Buying a new Gaming Keyboard is not a solution "Numb-nuts"
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  2.    16 Oct 2016 #2

    Couple options for ya:

    Most sticky keys are caused by debris, dust, or actual sticky substances inside the keyboard.

    For debris, with keyboard disconnected, turn it over and tap firmly on the table top. Enough force to shake the Cheetos out, not enough to dislodge parts.

    For dust, buy a can of compressed air and blow the keyboard out, working into the cracks between the keys. Works best holding the keyboard vertically.

    For sticky substances it requires internal cleaning. This means - yes - disassembling the keyboard.
    I have a saying: if it can be built it can be re-built. It may be more difficult to disassemble a mechanical keyboard and there are a lot more parts to keep track of, but it can be done - it is all a matter of the individual's mechanical abilities. If in doubt - bring it to a shop.

    A note about alcohol: There are multiple types of alcohol, some more potent (and damaging to plastic) than others. But isopropyl alcohol is generally OK to use with hard plastics and electronics. Even better is 190 proof Ethyl Alcohol (Ethanol) - otherwise know as pure grain alcohol.
    Best to avoid denatured alcohol as it can contain harsh petroleum solvents in some brands.

    See if any of the above helps.
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  3.    16 Oct 2016 #3

    thx m8, i turned over keyboard and tapped correction I beat the sh.. out of it amazing how much can build up in the cracks i used my Air Compressor i held the Air pistol in a good distance because it has a lot of "bar" so it can do some damage Worked so thx m8 no more sticky keys until the next time i spill a bag of potato chips into the cracks between the keys was also some "finger" grease i cleaned out nasty i bet if you look in a microscope on any keyboard you will find a city of germs living in there so feel a bit bad that i TOTALLY wiped them out.
    Reminds me of the Game Black and White where you are god, and can do as you please i always enjoyed making my slaves wait! my followers live in misery does that make me a bad person hehe
    Well that was 10 years ago can't get B&W to run on Windows 10 what a shame but i bet my followers are relieved about that no more
    spontaneous bonfire when i set fire to a follower hehe okay that was cruel i drowned him i mean i soaked him in the sea to stop the fire afterwards just a shame he could not hold his breath for a day or week.
    Okay that was a side note thx for the help m8
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  4.    16 Oct 2016 #4

    Glad to hear you got it sorted.

    A periodic cleaning is always a good idea too - when it's time, or just when you're hungry for a quick snack!
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